Monday, June 09, 2008

Lock Up Your Daughters

Who says Conservatives aren't cool?

This is just laughable at this point. Maybe they'll sue:
Conservative Party spokesman Ryan Sparrow said the company, the Fuelcast Network, refused to take the ads Monday morning.

The Tories had been trying to get in touch with the company for an explanation, said Mr. Sparrow, who was going around Ottawa Monday showing reporters the party's contract with the company, signed on June 5.

The contract clearly identifies the client as the “Conservative Party.”

“We have a binding contract,” Mr. Sparrow said. “The Conservative Party and we fully expect them to honour the contract.”

Fuelcast said it became aware of the political nature of the ads only on Sunday, when one of them was broadcast on CTV's Question Period. The company has said it reserves the right to not play an ad with a political message.

Nothing says successful smear campaign like having someone refuse to place your cheesy ads. I know the pundits are marvelling at this free campaign, creating the buzz, but if you ask me it's actually looking quite amateurish, maybe even embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

A fuck-up from Sparrow and Buckler, say it ain't so.

Steve V said...

I wonder if these brainiacs even considered the fact that a proprietor might not be keen on alienating his customers with political ads. Don't most businesses avoid looking partisan like the plague? I'm sure I just don't get it, must be some deep chess move that we can't fathom.

And, we're afraid of these people, why exactly?

JimmE said...

"...What ho Smithers! First we'll make record profits, then we'll put ads in all our Gas-o-leen filling stations; putting the blame on out political enemies!"
" Inspired scheming sir!"
"Exxxcellent! - Now Smithers, we can't leave anything to chance remind me who did I get to put this masterful campaign together?"
" er, Simpson, sir, Homer Simpson."
" Simpson eh? bright fellow?"
" You can count on me Mr Burns! ooh! yellow! just like yellow happy face doughnuts! - Dough! that doesn't taste like doughnuts!"

North of 49 said...

From Steve's final paragraph: "...amateurish and embarassing."

A fitting epitaph.

Northern PoV said...

And, we're afraid of these people, why exactly?

Well, at the moment these people are running (ruining) the country and with the help of the corporate media and a somnolent public (and yes some docile Liberals) they are going to continue.

Mike said...

So now the Libs have the perfect attack ad of their own:

"The Conservatives are in bed with the Big Oil companies who are gouging you at the pumps...and they have a signed contract to prove it."

I await the day the Liberal actually grow a spine and vote these idiots out in a non-confidence motion.

I am not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dweebs in that pic. I see the newest bunch of Tory interns aren't exactly tearing up the night clubs in Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

"Amateurish and...embarrasing" and insulting. When you can't debate and have an agenda to hide, then attack.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Kinsella's floatin' the idea that these ads were never going to see the light of day as paid spots. The evil geniuses at the CPC manipulated the media -- including bloggers -- into giving a free airing of the ads. A few NDP blogs are displaying the ads. Lots of CPC blogs. Mike Duffy did everything put strip down and put on his yellow tee shirt. And, even Steve V is givin' the ad campaign some j-peggy pixel space.

The ads are dumb. Runnin' 'em for free ain't exactly bright.


Steve V said...


Well, that's the argument, all this free publicity. I don't buy that as part of the plan, because for one thing, it's not like the Cons can't afford an ad campaign, they hardly need little ole me to get their message out. I think that attributes a motive that was never part of the calculation. A party, with a stuffed bank account needs free media?

I've read two or three news items on these ads today, all of them are negative, hardly the headlines intended. Why ignore it, it says more about them than anything.

Oldschool said...

As the price of fuel rises . . . libdolts figure out ways to make it even more costly . . .
A liberal never saw a problem that couldn't be fixed by taxes.
Do any of you folks know who will pay these taxes . . . me - the consumer.
Do any of you know how much money an oil company makes on a litre of gas . . . . why its a few cents . . . tho makes the big money on a litre of gas . . . why its the provincial and federal govt. . . . they make in excess of 60 cents a litre.
By the way . . . the ad company said they don't do political ads . . . for obvious reasons . . . even you folks ought to be able to figure out.
Meanwhile . . . in BC . . . Gordo's new green suit is going to cost us another 3.5 cents a litre July 1 . . . while we freeze to death on the west coast the lib dummies think taxing us more will warm us up . . . sooo nuts!!!
Of course I am fortunate . . . I gas up in the US . . . $4 a gallon . . .
Imagine if Bill (the zipper) Clinton hadn't vetoed drilling in Alaska 15 years ago . . . an extra few millions of barrels of oil every month from Alaska would sure look good now.
Drill for oil, drill for natural gas . . . Canada could become independly wealthy like Norway . . . but the envirowhacks wouldn't like that.

Steve V said...

If there is a more moronic poster online, than you oldtool, I've yet to see it. You're proof stupid isn't just a theory.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! So, Oldschool, Exxon made $10 billion in the first quarter and taxes on pennies per litre while governments reaped an exponential amount? Poor little oil companies are hardly gettin' by but government coffers are overflowing with dollars from the gas-pumpin' consumers.

With all them billions and billions in revenue the Harper government has been haulin' in at the pumps, you'd think they be able to do more than just knock 2% off the GST. They oughta be able to solve every problem in Canada with all that windfall tax revenue.

As soon as someone starts usin' OTT phrases like "freeze to death," it becomes obvious they are interested in hyperbole and not interested in serious discussion.