Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Neutered Poodle

Everyday, the last member statement, prior to the beginning of Question Period, Pierre Poilievre stands and offers some childish cheapshot at the Liberal leader, part of some half baked strategy to get Dion "off his game" prior to his question. I must say, I watched with great delight today, as the arrogant "ankle bitter" rose to his feet, not to spew his usual nonsense, but to sheepishly apologize for exposing his true self.

As far as apologizes go, Pierre's was certainly wanting, real sincerity in short supply. The fact Pierre was forced to pull a "Lukwski" speaks to the seriousness of his remarks. The fact the government found it necessary to re-arrange the MP seating arrangement, putting Indian Affairs Minister Strahl and aborginal MP Rod Bruinooge beside Pierre as he apologized, is another indication of damage control. It all rang hollow, a little too scripted, Pierre trying hard to sound contrite, but it was more feeling bad over a "promising" career derailed.

The Liberals are demanding Pierre resign:
Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre must be removed as Parliamentary Secretary for the intolerant comments he made yesterday only hours before the government made its official apology for the legacy of the residential school tragedy, Liberal Indian Affairs Critic Anita Neville said today.

“Not only did the Parliamentary Secretary taint the day with his comments, but he has yet to apologize,” said Ms. Neville. “Mr. Poilievre’s comments show complete disrespect. How can a Member of Parliament resort to such shameful stereotyping? The sincerity of the Prime Minister’s apology will be tested by his response to Mr. Poilievre’s ill-judged words.”

The real issue here is obviously what Pierre said, so take my disgust as a given. However, isn't it just wonderful to see the annoying turd squirm, his arrogant smirk evaporated? Lately, it's been Pierre, Pierre, Pierre, as Harper obviously miscalculated that this was the type of individual who deserved considerable face time for the government. As predicted, Pierre has turned into a liability, any objective observer could see a trainwreck in the making. I'll miss Pierre, in this sense, he was a terrible advocate for the government, hardly a persuasive defender, I felt comfortable that my impressions of him went beyond my own bias. Whatever Pierre's role moving forward, at the very least, the cocky poodle has been neutered, the smug know it all tainted, forever remembered as the "lazy indian" guy. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.


Anonymous said...

That's the trouble with being constantly partisan with an acid tongue - cried wolf too often.

I doubt he'll be forgiven - not by me that's for sure.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Duffy played the tape yesterday and he was tryin' to make it all about the Human Rights Act part of it. I won't be surprise Duff tries to explain it away today.

That Duffy gets worse every day. One day he's showin' the Oily ads and T-shirts. Yesterday, I wondered if he might put Harper's name forward for sainthood. He kept comparin' Harper to Nixon and his overtures to the Chinese. Nixon didn't end up doin' too well in the legacy department, though.

I been readin' comments at the Globe and CTV on this story. There's an unfortunate amount of support for Poilievre. Harper's words didn't sink in to a lot of his supporters, apparently.


Steve V said...

"I been readin' comments at the Globe and CTV on this story."

Those comment sections are a cesspool.

JimBobby said...

Those comment sections are a cesspool.

Yer on the money a hunnert percent's worth, SteveMan. I pissed in the CTV cesspool and left a comment. Pointless but I couldn't help myself. Too much ignorance showin' up.

I just read in my newspaper that Diane Finley said she hopes this'll get the Six Nations protesters to "move off Douglas Creek Estates and proceed with negotiations in earnest." This is Caledonia, btw.

The federal government has been the biggest no-show and most recalcitrant entity at the negotiating table. Negotiations have been going on in earnest for over a year but Diane's failure to sit at the table has been one of the factors that has bogged things down. Around here, she's famous for a couple things: 1. not helpin' the tobacka farmers like she promised and 2. being AWOL on Caledonia.

Another embarrassingly inept Harper minister.


Steve V said...

"Another embarrassingly inept Harper minister."

The Leafs have a better bench that his collection of mediocrity.

I've commented too, the odd time, to balance it out. The good news, they aren't representative of the population as a whole.

Gayle said...

Aren't they all sent there by Kate's little website of hate?

Kind of like freeping polls...

Jesse said...

Given that Harper never really lets anyone off the leash, running ads with Polly's statements could have greater than usual effect. Might also be a good way to force a Bernier-esque "resignation". Resigntold? Resignstruction!

Jesse said...

I'm establishing my trademark on that right now. Resignstruction™.

Steve V said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

PP (trademark - must credit Anon) and probably Lukwiski will both be re-assigned at the next cabinet shuffle (i.e. in a week). The libs would probably like both of them to get promotions, however, since the ads would then just write themselves.

The libs have their idiots too. Holland and Coderre, for example.

Anonymous said...

"Given that Harper never lets anyone off the leash..."
PP was never off script, just orchestrated to reassure da base...

ottlib said...

"The Leafs have a better bench that his collection of mediocrity."

LOL. And the next time the Conservatives win a majority government will be the same year the Leafs win another Cup.

I have stated before in the blogsphere that if the Liberals can take down the Poodle in Nepean-Carleton and John Baird in my riding I would be a very happy man.

Now if they win the general election as well, then I would be ecstatic.

sassy said...

Poodle - I don't think he could even pass a canine IQ test.

Steve V said...

I wonder if he has a cone on his head today :)

Anonymous said...

What did he say that isn't true?

Isn't it the Liberals that were against Bill C44, which would extend human rights protections to aboriginals? Why don't you want to give them basic human rights protection??

Steve V said...

"What did he say that isn't true?"

From a bigot's perspective, probably nothing. said...

In order for Prime Minister Harper’s apology to have any meaning, he must fire Pierre Poilievre as Parliamentary Secretary. Poilievre’s comments reflected the same paternalism and racism that were behind the assimilation policies of the 19th and 20th centuries, attidudes that the Prime Minister rightfully denounced as having “no place in our country.” If this is the case, that Poilievre should have no place in our government!

Join the call to have Poilievre removed at

900 ft Jesus said...

Good one, Steve V. Playing to the base-base may be true. The comment sections of ctv and cbc were full of "well, his timing may have been off, but what he said is true."

So, there a good time for racial slurs? And they were racial - one obvious (the lazy Injun' thing) and others less obvious (chiefs have too much power; can't trust them to handle money) same old prejudice that First Nations need to be managed by non-natives.

But in the same breath, the Little Prick and his supporters rant about how the damn savages should do things for themselves, should be more independent.


I saw Poilievre apopolgize - beautiful! Red face, looked near to tears. He hates apologizing, same as when he had to for swearing at someone in the House over a year ago. Looked like shit then, too.

He embodies so much that is base, crass, dishonest, and lacking integrity in the worst of politicians. Reminds me of the South Park episode where Kenny would do any disgusting thing for a buck.

Steve V said...


Does the current system work? Probably not. Do you trust the genuine concern of people like Pierre and the closet racist on the comment boards? Absolutely not.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, 95% of bigots and intolerants in this country vote Conservative, and there is a reason for that. The "base" doesn't give a shit about dem indians, so pardon me if I don't heed the wise words from the "reformers".

Michael said...

Well said Steve. I encourage you and your readers to join the Facebook group calling on the Prime Minister to fire Poilievre for his ignorant and racist comments. We can't let this behaviour go unpunished!

Also, please invite your friends to join this group.

Keep up the fine work!