Thursday, June 26, 2008


Nothing particularly earth shattering in Dion pledging to "harmonize" his carbon plan with British Columbia, but it is noteworthy that he and Campbell have spoken:
Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion is confident that he can “harmonize” his carbon tax plan with that of British Columbia.

Speaking with The Globe and Mail's editorial board Thursday, Mr. Dion said he and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell have the same goals.

“We want a strong economy for British Columbia and a strong fight against climate change. So the two governments will harmonize what they are doing in order to have maximum results on the two fronts in British Columbia,” he said.

Mark Dunn, a spokesman for Mr. Dion, said Thursday that both leaders and their respective offices have already spoken about the two carbon tax plans.

Mr. Dion will be in the province later this summer to discuss it further, although no date has been set.


harold said...

Gotta love it. Just when Campbell's going to take a politival hit for the Carbon Tax Increase of 3 cents a litre on July 1st, Dion wants to have his picture taken with him.

Dion continues to be the Con's secret weapon.

Steve V said...


That's funny, because that's how I view Harper. The more you guys rag on Dion, the more it points a finger at Harper and his vanilla surrogates, for failure to capitalize.