Thursday, June 19, 2008

Center Stage

More comments on the details later, but I wanted to focus on Dion and his performance today. Passionate, measured, thoughtful, humorous, inspiring, driven, strong, clear and honorable.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I've been an uneven supporter of Dion, frankly I don't think he deserved better, if one is being fair. That said, I see today as somewhat of a new chapter, this is they type of resolve and vision that is infectious. This speech completely obliterates the "not a leader" characterization, simply because everything Dion said encompasses the adjectives of leadership.

You can agree or disagree with the concepts, but anyone with a hint of impartiality must acknowledge that this plan represents a fundamental revolution in approach and thinking. This plan isn't just about carbon, it's about re-inventing our society, a completely progressive relationship between man and the planet. Has an opposition leader ever released such a comprehensive plan, that has such an underlying philosophical underpinning?

I didn't vote Liberal in the last election, the environment my chief hesitation. I didn't vote Liberal in the election prior to that, the environment being my chief hesitation. In the next election I will put all the strength in my arm to mark a dark X for my Liberal candidate. I am behind Dion 100% on this plan, today he actually inspired me, he actually gave me chills, a state I never thought possible. We wanted policy, we have it in spades, we have a vision, a clear point of distinction.

Bravo Stephane, let the rabid dogs HOWL, you have exposed them for the frauds they are. Finally, an adult has entered center stage.


Yvonne said...

I'm a frequent reader of your blog and I just wanted to say that it makes me really happy to see you responding so positively to M. Dion's speech today. I have been a supporter of M. Dion from the start but these past few months have been hard for me. However, today I saw in him the genuine sincerity, clarity of mind and passion that I admire so much, it's really helped to renew my faith and adoration for this party and our leader.

JimmE said...

I like your blog, - I don't always agree, but you speak your mind & I do , more often than not, agree with your POV on things environmental. So I'm real glad to see we agree on this. Dion, like the rest of us, is best when he really believes in something, & I feel he is really committed to this file. I hope what you see is also what comes across in the next election. It will certainly be a contrast, & voters like that.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dion was excellent today. His whole demeanor is so different that Harper.

I found it telling that Harper's key message (which could have been ripped right out of the conservative - i.e., republican - notebooks they keep around) was, "Dion is lying to you."

It insults the intelligence of Canadians almost as much as oily ink spots. The era of chess and checkers has ended, Mr Harper.

Anonymous said...

Your post absolutely captured my reaction to the speech. Dion represents those of us who came of age believing good policy makes for good politics and good government. And good policy, when urgently needed, always inspires. Conservatives will scramble to disinform, but to no avail.

Wayward Son said...

I missed the speech. Anywhere I can catch it online?

Dan said... has the entire speech, and the promotion the Libs put out to coincide with the release.

Anonymous said...

Dion is playing to his strengths, talking about something he knows inside out, and belives in. He should let the negative attacks to others. It was a good day for him.

Harper looked tired and grumpy, and frankly, out of touch. But how will Dion and the Liberals keep up the debate through the summer months?

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on Dion and didn't think I would vote for the Liberals again after the Paul Martin b.s.
It seems like Harper is full of scandals and the NDP are a joke so maybe its time to have another look at this Dion fellow.

Larry said...

Under the plan, I think inflation will skyrocket all in the name of me saving a percentage point or so on my income tax.

I'm not convinced...and I don't think most Canadians will be either.

Steve V said...

"I'm not convinced...and I don't think most Canadians will be either."

Im hoping 35-40% will be :)

Anonymous said...

It's clear how intellectually dishonest Harper is. If he wasn't, he would care that no reputable academic - environmental or economic - endorses his plan. Countries governed by ideology instead of facts, science and ideas will stagnate.

Steve V said...

"he would care that no reputable academic - environmental or economic - endorses his plan."

I think that's the key, as this debate moves forward. The Liberals really need to call out the Conservatives, and challenge them to bring forth outside backing of their mirage of a plan. It gets mentioned here and there, but that should be a focus moving forward.

BTW, another "leftie", this time CD Howe backs the plan, saying it is sound, much better than cap and trade, which it describes as ineffective. Dion is now armed with an arsenal of respected opinion, Harper is armed with hollow language.

George said...

If I knew he will do something this time instead of nothing for 10 years while he was energy minister, I might vote Liberal again. During his term the GHG was 30% higher than the '90's.

I will listen as explaination becomes clearer, yet at the present I am just watching. Yes, if he has the courage, he should convince the NDP and Bloc to vote with him in a non-confidance.

[This time maybe all the Liberals can show a little back bone and vote instead of not showing up.]

It is a good time for an election while this policy is out, and as I said before, perhaps I will vote Liberal again - time will tell.

Steve V said...

"If I knew he will do something this time instead of nothing for 10 years while he was energy minister,"

George, he wasn't minister for 10 years, it was the last two and in his defence he had many initiatives ready to go when the election was held.

Anonymous said...

That, and most of what he did accomplish in those two years were implemented (and then re-implemented for media effect) by the cons.

Steve V said...


And isn't that kicker. The Libs did nothing, but we took that nothing, put an Eco on front of it and now its serious action. Is it worse to have done nothing or plagarizing that nothingness?