Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baird Moving To DFO?

I might be reading between the lines here, but:
He was standing with Environment Minister John Baird as he peered out from a cliff onto the spectacular waterfall coursing through the river valley below.

Then he playfully grabbed Baird under the arm and pretended to pull him out toward the breakneck drop over the 90-metre Virginia Falls - which is twice as tall as Niagara Falls.

"That's one way of shuffling a cabinet," Harper said.

Baird smiled.


Red Tory said...

Good place for a whale like Baird.

Anonymous said...

Baird would love to go there
But no way it will happen


Anonymous said...

Could be a hint.

Baird may go to Indian and Northern Affairs as Prentice goes to either National Defence or Finance.

Anonymous said...

According to Stephen Taylor from his sources - no changes???