Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Great Idea

I'm not suggesting this one little measure will change the world, but this should be put under the "great idea" category:
Ontario motorists who drive an environmentally friendly, low-emission vehicle will soon get a green-hued licence plate and access to perks like free parking or access to car-pool lanes under a new provincial program unveiled Wednesday.

The so-called "eco-licence" plate is one of three green transportation policies Ontario's Liberal government hopes will encourage commuters and businesses alike to factor the environment into their spending decisions.

A blend of peer pressure and two-tier driving privileges, should make this initiative relatively effective. If you can offer perks (i.e. free parking, or preferred parking), then you create the impression that you are rewarding the consious, the responsible. People will notice the green licence plates, and it could create a bit of fad.

The NDP is unimpressed:
New Democrat critic Peter Tabuns said he was unimpressed by the announcement, which he called "small potatoes given the scope of the problem before us."
"It's a pretty minor item - I don't know if it'd call a press conference over something like this," he said of the new plate.
"My guess is it would be a very minor impact in terms of people's decision-making in these matters."

My un-partisan response- don't be such a bore. Only a fool would conclude this one announcement, in isolation, will win the day on global warming. However, you put out ideas like the above, with many others and you start to make progress. I like it, and I hope to qualify :)


Mark Dowling said...

Peter Tabuns comes across in his reported statements as simply impossible to please.

Steve V said...

Doesn't he though :)

Canadian Tar Heel said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. They add up, after all.