Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Liberal Fundraising Improves

The latest quarterly fundraising figures show a marked uptick in Liberal donations, over the previous period. While the Liberals still trail the Conservatives badly, the margin is decidedly less, and the trends relatively encouraging. The first quarter numbers for context:
The Liberals managed to raise only $531,141 from 4,365 donors, quarterly fundraising results posted Tuesday by Elections Canada show. The Conservatives raised almost $5.2-million from over 45,000 contributors, while the NDP attracted $1.2-million from nearly 15,000 donors. The Bloc Québecois, which gets money strictly from public subsidies paid to parties, raised slightly under $35,000.
The Green party, which has no representation in the House of Commons, raised almost $155,000.

The second quarter numbers:
Conservative Party: $3.8-million from 36,800 contributors

Liberal Party: $1.3-million from 10,000 contributors

New Democratic Party: $720,000 from 11,800 contributors

Green Party: $200,000 from 2,800 contributors

Bloc Québécois: $27,900 from 360 contributors

The Liberals and Greens were the only ones to increase their donations, with the Liberals doubling the donors, almost tripling the total. A degree of false momentum, given the "convention hangover" in the first quarter, but a far cry from the bleak headlines last quarter that showed the Conservatives with 10x the donations. As a matter of fact, speaking of momentum, while the Conservatives are still well ahead, their contributions are down 25% in this quarter.

Before someone accuses me of getting carried away, these numbers are still relatively poor for the Liberals, I'm just acknowledging the apparent improvement from the earlier abysmal.


Anonymous said...

We're number two!!!!

This is positive sign for Canada's Official Opposition!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey. I'll take the improvement. You got to start somewhere. If they can build on this, that's great.

I think anytime there is a change in election fundraising laws some parties - usually the ones successful under old rules - take longer to adjust. That's exactly what happenned in the US after McCain Fiengold first went into affect.

Fundraising has to stay front and center for the libs for a while, especially with the Conservatives contemplating brinksmanship politics from here on out with the not so newish government

Karen said...

That's exactly what happenned in the US after McCain Fiengold first went into affect.

Witness McCain.

In the end, improvement is good.

My sense is there is movement on the ground, outside of what the media is picking up. They are far too concerned about themselves, sadly.

Anonymous said...

I still think part of it was donor fatique after the leadership race and some waiting to see how Harper does as PM.

I'm one of them - but you can be assured I will now donate. My fatique is over and the PM is a total disappointment.

Anonymous said...

What is the average donation per person?

Steve V said...


You can do the math, based on the number of donors and the totals provided in the post. At first glance, the NDP average donation is considerably lower than the Lib and Con donations.

Anonymous said...

"At first glance, the NDP average donation is considerably lower than the Lib and Con donations."

This is due to the banning of union donations.

Something the Libs need to concentrate on. Trying to convince rank and file members to donate five dollars a month through ChequeMate.

Steve V said...


Good point :)