Thursday, August 02, 2007

Senate Climate Bill

A new global warming bill is set to be introduced in the American Congress today. Joe Lieberman is co-sponsoring the bill, which is hardly surprising given his historical position. However, what is particularly intriguing, the other sponsor is Republican John Warner, which may be a signal that the "climate" is changing in Washington:
Two key senators said they will outline a comprehensive climate change bill today that could become the centerpiece of legislative efforts to slow global warming.

The framework includes a Federal Reserve-style board to help contain carbon costs, a 70 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions from current levels by 2050 and the creation of a federal Climate Change Credit Corp. that would auction a large share of emission allowances and use the proceeds to promote new technologies.

Lieberman has twice co-sponsored a climate change bill with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) that was defeated in the Senate. Warner voted against it both times, so his support for a new measure signals shifting congressional opinion and improving prospects for passage of climate legislation.

"At that point in time, I had not sufficiently focused on this, and it was prior to a lot of scientific data that has come out," Warner said yesterday. Now, he added, "I feel an obligation to put something before the Senate."

Warner said he was also prodded by retired Gen. James L. Jones and other former military officers who urged him to back a bill to slow global warming

You have the chairman, and the ranking Republican, of the global warming sub-committee presenting a united front, which should give this legislation a fighting chance.

As an aside, neither of these individuals classify as "left-wing moonbats", as our Blogging Tory friends like to say.

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