Monday, August 13, 2007


Below, a visibly distraught Diane Finley exits 24 Sussex, after being told she will leave Immigration, to assume the role of Atlantic Canada re-election co-ordinator:


Anonymous said...

I don't see that's she's visibly distraught - perhaps because the MSM cameras are there she's putting her face downward.

I doubt Harper will let her be embarrassed - after all her hubby is one of his chief advisers, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous may be right, though I still find it telling that she's looking straight down . . . at least in that photo. I mean, how often do you see a politician or other public official looking down at the ground when in a public area with media around? It is the classic, "don't ask me anything, I just want to get out of here" pose so they tend to avoid it when the cameras are rolling.

Besides, you're allowed to speculate, even if it jokingly. You are, after all, a blogger. Did the Toronto Star actually carry your story with the same wording? Otherwise, the MSM reference doesn't really apply to your post.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I reckon yer just havin' some fun with that "visibly distraught" thing. Diane's just lookin' down and watchin' her step on accounta them dark shades and her Grave's Disease make it tough to see. I hear-tell she's gettin' some surgery to fix her bulgin' eyeballs before they pop out of her head.

Diane's been a no-show here in her riding, Haldimand-Norfolk. A lotta constituents call her the Invisible Minister. Commercially printed lawn signs started springin' up over a year ago that read: "Where's Diane Finley? Leadership?"

Finley's riding includes Caledonia but she's been almost completely silent on the 18 month native standoff.

We also got North Merka's worst polluter, the Nanticoke Generating Station. Finley is on record (written record) referring to "the plan to bring nuclear investment to Haldimand-Norfolk." Trouble is, there has never been any such plan made public. Concerned residents are wondering who the planners are and what backrooms they're using to hatch their plan.

I've written to my MP, Mrs. Finley, on 3 occasions. I never received even an acknowledgement that I'd written, much less a reply from my so-called representative.

If we ever have an election, Finley will face Dr. Eric Hoskins, the nominated Liberal candidate. Hoskins is an Order of Canada laureate, founder of War Child Canada and veteran of Doctors Without Borders. His list of achievements and qualifications makes Finley look like the do-nothing she is.

Harper may not demote or embarrass her but she's doin' a good job of embarrassin' herself.


Steve V said...

"I don't see that's she's visibly distraught"

It was a joke, and perhaps a bad one :)

burlivespipe said...

Me thinks the only distraught person from this photo was the photographer after being peppersprayed and bayonetted for daring to capture images of Der Numero Uno Gringo's minions in daylight.
How dare the media take photos of Next to Godliness's photo props!?!

Steve V said...

Must have been a high powered telescopic lens, because we all know the media can't get that close to cabinet ministers.