Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Isn't That Special

In Harper's post-shuffle press conference, he made this comment, as it relates to Gordon O'Connor moving to Minister of National Revenue:
“Mr. O'Conner has spent his entire public service, which is almost 40 years, in one area. That's National Defence. And I think it's time for him to have some other experiences.”

Translation- Mr. Connor is a one trick pony, who has no understanding of economics and finance, but we thought it was important, that at age 67, he start to dabble in new things.

The Canadian public should be re-assured that Harper has so little regard for this department that he puts a novice like O'Connor at the helm. If O'Connor wants "other experiences" maybe he should travel to New Zealand, or try pot, but it is an insult to give him this portfolio, given the incompatible resume. Minister of Veteran Affairs or nothing, if we are to take this shuffle seriously.


Karen said...

I can't remember the show as a child, but it opened with "think back...way back", The Friendly Giant?...okay I'm old.

Didn't Harper say, something like, "until the critic in the opposition, has served, he has no right to an opinion" paraphrased, of course. At the time, I thought it ridiculous, because he excluded himself. Now, he put's someone in charge who of course has never served.

He set himself up...

Perhaps not as smart as everyone say's he is...or, maybe he is and he bet's that people will forget. Shame on the Lib's if they do.

Steve V said...


I noticed Jeff and Scott also remember the same obnoxious rhetoric.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

O'Connor should have been dumped from cabinet altogether, although I've often wondered why we have a minister for Finance, Treasury Board, and National Revenue. The three seem awfully similiar to me. Maybe its the workload is too much for one minister. I would be interested in finding out how the three are different and not just overlapping ones anyways.

As for Flaherty, he needs to go as well, the problem is Solberg is probably the only other qualified one and having the top two positions go to Albertans is not exactly good optics. Also the fact Jim Flaherty is one of the few Tory MPs from the GTA where the party needs to make gains if they want a majority may be another reason he is given a top post as since Garth Turner's expulsion from the Tories, Flaherty is now the closest Tory MP to Toronto.

Anonymous said...

To be Minister of National Revenue is to be Minister of The Thing That Runs Itself.

Send the man books of crossword puzzles.

Or maybe since he's such a very old soldier, pictures books of bikini clad wavy haired girls on water skis.

He would have been a perfct fit in Diefenbaker's cabinet.

Today not so much.

By the way, lest anyone shriek age discrimination at me he's only 7 years my senior.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Strahl, a old Reformer - Indian Affairs? The Reformers don't like the natives. Tom Flanigan (an old indian hater from way back) thought Prentice was getting too close to them. Strahl - is this a joke?

I guess Guergis' current scandal with her and her family (nepotism big time) hurt her chances - maybe.

Bernier - is he taking place of MacKay in the movie star/sexy thing? Does Bernier have a rented dog?

Now, why would Harper move a failed cabinet minister to another cabinet position (Oda)? Huh?

burlivespipe said...

This shuffle amounts to Edgar Bergen switching the heads on Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. Shock! None were allowed to speak to the media afterward (wouldn't want them to say the obviously shameful "I'm new to this post but there are some challenges that I'm looking forward to...blah" quote) and Harpor managed to slyly point out that the depth of talent and trustworthiness in his caucus is thinner than his top lip.