Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Poll of Americans, which shows a disparity between reading and political affiliation. Take a wild guess which subset lags behind:
A new AP-Ipsos poll finds that liberals read more books than conservatives. Some highlights from the poll:

– 34 percent of conservatives have not read a book within the past year, compared with 22 percent of liberals and moderates.

– Among those who had read at least one book, conservatives “typically read eight” books in the past year. Liberals read nine, moderates five.

– “By slightly wider margins, Democrats tended to read more books than Republicans and independents. There were no differences by political party in the percentage of those who said they had not read at least one book.”

If you eliminate the "good book", I suspect the gap would be wider.


Anonymous said...

Well, if your read the Blogging Tories you can see it. They use constant bash and trash rhetoric of the Harper government and by their statements they take him at his word and don't care to read about the truth behind it all.

Red Tory said...

There's not much value in reading if you're just consuming the latest opus by Ann Coulter or some other wingnut.

lance said...

Completely disagree RT.

Reading in all forms and all genres is beneficial. A person is opening their mind to the ideas of another person.

That's consistent whether it's a political theory while battling large bugs or the social conduct of animals who are cast-aways.

Not all literature is written by the dry heaves, I'd say most isn't.