Friday, August 10, 2007

Layton: The Canadian Flipper

I know the summer brings a period of slow news coverage, but Maclean's really highlights the trivial, commissioning this poll, that shows Layton as king of the jungle:
When voters were asked to match the leaders, and selected celebrities, to archetypal animals, the initial response for the politicians -- snakes and rats -- was somewhat predictable. But asked to dig deeper, they compared Harper to an industrious ant, busy bee, or proud peacock. The NDP's Jack Layton was a wise owl, friendly dog, or an intelligent dolphin. In contrast, Dion was a timid mouse, scared ostrich, slow cow, or a disposable pet like a fish and hamster.

Only the Bloc's Gilles Duceppe fared worse, evoking voter visions of a stubborn donkey, or pesky black flies and mosquitoes -- largely, perhaps, a reflection of the opinions of English Canadians.

To be fair, there are more substantive questions, but Dion has enough problems with the leadership gap, nevermind introducing the food chain into the equation.


Anonymous said...

Boy, things must be slow when they do stupid polls like this one.


lance said...

"Dion has enough problems with the leadership gap, nevermind introducing the food chain into the equation."

Gold. Absolute Gold.

Anonymous said...

Whilst it is easy to dismiss polls like this one it should be noted that this type of poll is used by business extensively with great success.

This poll should not be disregarded as a flippant attempt at humour.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this MMP campaign:

"'Missing referendum': ACT NOW on under-reporting"

Apparently the Globe is not too please with people pointing out their lack of coverage of MMP. I'm glad, they've done a poor job on this issue.

Steve V said...


I'm not dismissing it, I did refer to substance in my post. Having said that, this part of the poll strikes me as more silly, than indicative.