Tuesday, August 07, 2007


While the mainstream media reports of a pending cabinet shuffle, I have exclusive information on just who will end up where in the new arrangement. I must say, at first blush, I'm quite impressed with the new team:

Minister of Finance- Stephen Harper

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Steven Harper

Minister of the Environment- Steve Harper

Minister of Health- Stephen Joseph Harper

Minister of International Trade- Stephen Joe Harper

Minister of Justice- Steve Joseph Harper

Minister of Labour- Steven J Harper

Minister of National Defence- S.J Harper

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans- Eldest Son of Margaret Johnston and Joseph Harper

...more later, as becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Shorter version: Business as usual.

northwestern_lad said...

LOL!!!! Finally, so honesty from the Conservatives... Thank you Stephen for pulling back the curtains on your puppet shown known as your cabinet

Steve V said...

Chalk one up for transparency!

Godammitkitty said...

But, but, but who will be Minister of Kittens?

Of course, it will be Stephen. He can't let this adorable portfolio fall to just anyone :)

Steve V said...

prrrfect :)

Anonymous said...

Very impressive cabinet ;)

Steve V said...


And the good news, it is still as diverse as the last cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Great lineup. These guys should be ready to meet the press.

The New Cabinet of Canada's NewEST Govt.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

In reality, you are right as any cabinet minister who dares to do anything different than King Stevie will be sacked. Perhaps maybe this explains why his cabinet has so little talent as usually those with talent want some say in the decision making, not just to be Yes men to the PM.

Anonymous said...

Problem is - taxpayers have to pay the pretend cabinet ministers - cabinet ministers' salaries just to fill a seat.

I think his makeup lady could get some store manequins and make them up to look like people filling the seats and save us a whole bunch of money. They could have "pull strings" to applaud on cue, smile on cue and bravo to the chief on cue.

ottlib said...

What are your sources for your exclusive Steve?

You have not been talking to any anonymous "senior Conservatives" have you?

Jeff said...

Actually, mid-level Conservatives tell me have the cabinet slots will be filled by Jim Prentice.

The other half go to Harper.

Jeff said...