Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kennedy Takes Job, Election Called Off

I love the National Newswatch, but this inference is a real stretch- "Kennedy Appointment Raises Questions About Dion's Plans". Gerard gets a job, you do the math:
Dr. Ken Jones, Dean, Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, today announced the appointment of Gerard Kennedy, former Ontario Minister of Education, past federal Liberal leadership candidate, and former Executive Director of the Daily Bread Food Bank as a Distinguished Visiting Professor for a one year term effective September 4, 2007.

"We are very pleased that Gerard Kennedy is joining the Ted Rogers School of Management," said Jones. "The appointment gives students the opportunity to nbenefit from Kennedy's tremendous management, leadership and problem-solving experience, and to connect and engage with him so their skills and insights are as relevant as possible."

"When you talk to Gerard, you are energized," said Sheldon Levy, President of Ryerson University. "That is what every university wants for its students. His intellectualism, ingenuity and drive are a great fit for our teaching and research, which is about real issues and making things better for the community."

This appointment is absolutely meaningless, in the grand scheme, offering no indication of Dion's plans. There are plenty of other would-be Liberal candidates who are working in the interim, with an election date anything but certain. Does anyone doubt an understanding, that if an election is called, Kennedy will relinquish his new post? Kennedy can't sit idly by, waiting on possibilities. Much ado about nothing.


Anonymous said...

Gerard is a family man. With a wife and two school-age kids he has to be working, and since he resigned as MPP over a year ago, he has essentially been unemployed. Add to that massive debt accumulated during the leadership race, and you can't fault the guy for taking a job. When he finally takes his seat in Ottawa, it will be well deserved.

Derrida (sous rature) said...

Perhaps Gerard could go work at Starbucks with all those others who unlike him have completed their schooling, or reach into the deep pockets of family. In Toronto, there are thousands of "family men and women" who have sacrificed money, family, and enormous time to complete their PhDs or various other graduate degrees and have absolutely no work in their field.

If Ryerson president Sheldon Levy who happens to be a big fan of the Ontario Liberals wants to subsidize Kennedy just invite him as a keynote speaker and pay him a huge honorarium. Just don't subject graduate students to working their way through a full course with someone who hasn't completed a BA.

I live in Parkdale High Park and if I were you, anonymous, I wouldn't be so presumptuous about Kennedy ending up in Ottawa. You say resigned as MPP, I say bailed on my riding and left me months without representation. Moreover, Peggy Nash has done a fabulous job and is by the day becoming more and more entrenched in this riding. She will not be a pushover.

There are many new residents in this riding who have no memory of Kennedy, not to mention many people not very happy with the Liberals (federally or provincially). The demographics have also shifted significantly in the last few years. For instance, in South Parkdale many of the poor who used to swallow the left Liberal exec director of foodbank line quite rightly realize that in party politics the only party that serves the interests of the poor, of new Canadians and the working poor is the NDP.

Steve V said...


With all due respect to Nash, Kennedy is the clear favorite in that riding.

Also, what silliness, your phd argument, as though Kennedy isn't worthy. How anyone can chastize someone for deciding to work in a food bank, put the theoretical to practical use, is a sad, elitist load of bullshit. Education isn't confined to a institution, and the fact that Kennedy was M of Ed in Ontario speaks to the irrelevance.

Steve V said...


Just to add, I find it hilarious that you criticize Kennedy for not completing his phd, then rant on about how the poor will never buy into a man who quit an elitist institution to help the poor. Good luck trying to sell that line to voters. Bad spin vs plain facts, you decide.