Monday, September 24, 2007

Auto Pilot

John Tory is just so naturally negative, even when one of his own questions his policy, he can't help but react in a mean-spirited fashion:
John Tory ran into more trouble over his promise to extend taxpayer funding to religious schools today when one of his Progressive Conservative MPPs broke ranks and said he'd vote against the plan.

Bill Murdoch, the member for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, became the first Tory MPP to say he could not support the controversial promise. Others, including veteran MPP Bob Runciman in eastern Ontario, have so far said the pledge has not been popular with voters in their ridings.

Tory dismissed Murdoch's opposition after a rally in Guelph.

"When you look up maverick in the dictionary, you find his picture there in colour," Tory told reporters.

Anyone who possesses any understanding of nuance and political tact doesn't react by slagging one of your own candidates. "It's an issue that brings out passion in people, not everyone is going to agree". "I regret that he feels that way, but I am committed to this policy, because it is the best way to move forward". "A leader makes tough decisions, that doesn't bring univeral acceptance" Blah, blah, blah. Instead, Tory reacts like a thin skinned adolescent and ensures more controversy. When you look up "low road" in the dictionary, you find Tory's picture there in black and white.


Karen said...

Agreed. He went on to call his MPP a "jack in the box". Smooth.

Tory started to kill himself when he brought this subject up, he's now done.

Good deal, for us, we in Ontario. He's one of the last, (I think, but correct me if I'm wrong), hanger on-er's, to the Harris, Flaherty, Baird, bully group.

Hudak is still kicking, but he's a mean SOB, worse than Tory and he'll sight his own fate.

It's odd to me that people do not know who Tory is.

Research people!

Susan said...

Maybe Tory sees Harper treating everyone like s.... and thinks it will work for him too.

Anonymous said...

Sure he's connected with the old Harris bunch - Klees was on The Agenda the other night - he was involved in forming the faith based policy for Tory - Klees was and still is a Harris guy.

Mark Dowling said...

oh, I don't know... could be a warning shot for Hillier and the other Hillbillies. If Tory is going to remake the PC party back to the Davis era he's going to have to start making life uncomfortable for the Reformists.

Who knows, maybe if Tory makes life uncomfortable for the Blue Tories, the Liberals will start rooting out the so-cons in their party, albeit that they tend to be more in the federal caucus.