Friday, September 21, 2007

Smoke And Mirrors

Harper is preparing another propaganda exercise, masquerading as world “broker” on climate change. This time, Harper is set to deliver a high-profile speech at the United Nations. The funny part, the speech seems more a matter of convenience, than actual desire:
It's customary for Canada's prime minister to address the opening of the UN General Assembly each fall. The fact that Harper is talking at the summit instead is testament to the issue's importance to Canadians and Conservative political fortunes.
A Harper spokeswoman chalked it up partly to scheduling conflicts but noted the environment is a priority of the minority government.

Not a “testament to the issue’s importance”, more aptly a fill-in speech, to substitute for a no-show at the General Assembly- how inspirational and sincere.

Let’s just hope the media develops a more critical eye with this speech, because we already know the arguments in advance. Harper will position himself as the great bridge, bringing the world community together for action. All that rhetoric evaporates, as soon as you introduce the word “voluntary”, or “aspirational”, so let’s call a spade a spade. What this speech represents is another venue for Harper to sell himself at home, more “leading the world” frame, which has no relationship to actual substance. Why is the United Nations giving Harper this forum to further undermine the idea of hard targets and set goals, replacing the concept with the nothingness of “we pledge to do something, someday, at our own pace and without interference”?


Calgary Junkie said...

"Why is the United Nations giving Harper this forum ..."

Hmmm. Maybe because the UN senses that Harper needs help in getting a majority government. And so they are giving him this opportunity to raise his domestic political prospects.

After all, remember that UN sanctioned mission in Afghanistan ? The UN (and NATO) desperately need Canada to stay the course. Which means Harper needs a majority.

Harper is getting some well-deserved payback for his stance in Afghanistan.


McGuire said...

I'd prefer Harper snubbed the UN, stay as far away from that cesspool of sleaze & anti-semitism

Steve V said...


Good idea, I say we just act unilaterally on everything, instead of traditional role in the UN.

lance said...

We act unilaterally on everything now, that's what sovereignty means.

Regarding Afghanistan, we were bound by the NATO treaty and that's a lot more important than the UN and the UN knows it. They couldn't afford to be seen as the weak end of that argument.

When it comes to attack vs. diplomacy, diplomacy wins. When it is defence vs. diplomacy defence wins.

The UN just gave "permission" rather than stand in the way.