Monday, September 10, 2007


The Hill Times has posted a list of all government business that will die, as a result of Harper's decision to prorogue. I doubt Canadians would be overly impressed with this waste of time, on our dime:
Government Bills that Died on the Order Paper

House of Commons
• C-6 Aviation Safety Bill (third reading)
• C-7 Military Justice Bill (second reading)
• C-20 Airports and Transportation Appeal Tribunal Bill (second reading)
• C-21 Firearms Centre and Gun Registry Bill (second reading)
• C-27 Repeat Offenders Bill (committee)
• C-29 Air Canada Public Participation Act (second reading)
• C-30 Clean Air Act (report)
• C-32 Impaired Driving Bill (report)
• C-41 Competition Act (second reading)
• C-43 Senate Elections Bill (second reading)
• C-44 First Nations Human Rights Bill (committee)
• C-45 Seacoast and Inland Fisheries Sustainable Development Bill (second reading)
• C-53 Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States Convention Bill (committee)
• C-54 Loan Accountability Bill (report)
• C-55 Extra Advanced Voting Days Bill (committee)
• C-56 Expanding House Seats Bill (second reading)
• C-57 Foreign Nationals Working in Canada Bill (committee)
• C-58 Railway Transportation Bill (committee)
• C-63 Compensation for Nuclear Damage Bill (second reading)
• C-64 Pilotage Bill (committee)

• S-4 Senate Tenure Bill (awaiting Supreme Court of Canada ruling)
• C-10 Minimum Sentences for Firearms Crimes Bill (second reading)
• C-22 Age of Sexual Protection Bill (second reading)
• C-23 Criminal Procedure Bill (second reading)
• C-33 Income Tax Bill (second reading)
• C-35 Reverse Onus Bail Hearings Bill (second reading)
• C-51 Nunavik Inuit Land Claims Agreement Bill (committee)
• C-62 Wage Earner Protection Program Bill (second reading)

When you couple the above, with the fact that Harper has also delayed the return of Parliament, which amounts to a FOUR month break for MP's, you get a clear picture of political gamesmanship overriding the "greater good". It really is a joke, that with all the issues Canada faces, the government doesn't sit for months, and a great deal of work and expense is left to wither on the vine. It would probably be a herculian task, but it would be interesting if someone could do a cost analysis of all the salaries, expenses, studies wasted as a result of Harper's desire to re-brand his stale government. Canada's "Deadbeat" Government?


Peter Dodson said...

I got to admit, I'm a little surprised that people aren't more upset about this. As you say, it's a waste of time and a waste of money, not to mention the death of some important laws. What doesn't surprise me is that most conservatives haven't made a peep - partisanship is more important than values I guess.

Ti-Guy said...

For a while now, there's been a palpable sense of desperation among conservatives and Conservatives...that Canada is in some sort of crisis (different from the same old crises Canada is always in) and that all kinds of subterfuge has to be supported to permit the Grand Conservative Vision to come to full realisation.

...I'm still waiting for this vision to be articulated. I used to think it was just "lower taxes" but I'm glimpsing some sort of existential crisis among conservatives that suggests it's something far more significant.

It's very odd.

Anonymous said...

the general population doesn't care. They didn't care when Cretien did it, and they don't care about early elections.

don't count on them to punish Harper for this sin.

Canajun said...

Like anonymous said, "the general population doesn't care" - and if they did, it would only be for about 15 minutes until the next Harper broadside about Liberal malfeasance.
I agree with Steve that a total cost analysis would be a fascinating study, but don't expect any of our regular media to do it - except for the odd brave journalist, there seems to be a high resistance to offering up negative news of any substance. Go figure - SH&co bitch about the anti-Conservative press yet the real juicy stories, if covered at all, end up between the sports scores and the crossword puzzle.

Steve V said...


If you could put a dollar amount on it, then people might be more outraged.

genslub3 said...

Chretien called early elections in 1997 and 2000 did it turn away voters?

Or is it now bad because Harper is doing it?

Steve V said...

"Chretien called early elections in 1997 and 2000 did it turn away voters?

Or is it now bad because Harper is doing it?"

Or is it okay now that Harper is doing it? The dodge and weave, that's all you guys ever have.

Gayle said...

This isn't an early election.

Apples and oranges...

Perhaps the liberals can attack the conservatives for being soft on crime - because all those much needed crime bills have now died a sad and lonely death.

Steve V said...


Good point. Someone should go back in the hansard and pull out all those quotes about the urgent need for reforms. Apparently time is of no consequence when you have a deflated tire to fill.