Monday, September 24, 2007

Fooling Nobody

It is nice to see that nobody (hard-core Conservative partisans aside) are buying into the Harper/Baird propaganda campaign. Keep trying:
"Harper on wrong side of climate change debate: poll

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, at the United Nations Monday for a climate change summit, is running with the "wrong crowd" of international allies on the issue,"

The survey of 1,000 Canadians by the firm Harris/Decima, commissioned by an environmental group, indicated that six in 10 respondents (61 per cent) want Canada aligned with European countries that favour strict Kyoto-like emissions targets.

Only one-quarter agreed with the notion that Canada "should be siding with countries like the U.S. and Australia who want non-Kyoto targets."

"Canadians want our prime minister to quit running with the wrong crowd when it comes to international efforts to combat climate change," said John Bennett, executive-director of, in a news release.

So many speeches, so many mistruths, so many exaggerations, so many photo-ops, so little progress.


Anonymous said...

The loss of 450,000 jobs in Canada bothered the Liberal Party enough that the Liberals did nothing even though they signed on to the Kyoto scheme.

Anyone who thinks any Party would implement the Kyoto scheme is deluded or simply lying.

Steve V said...

"The loss of 450,000 jobs in Canada bothered the Liberal Party enough"

What economy are you looking at? Seriously?

I think the poll is more a statement on moving forward with the "serious" crowd, as opposed to hanging out with the deadbeats.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals had a study done while they were in power and it stated Canada would lose 450,000 jobs if the Kyoto scheme were implemented. They promptly buried that study and did nothing.

Steve V said...

The fact you refer to it as a "scheme" tells us all we need to know. Canada has dropped out of the international discussion, and with Harper's voluntary nonsense, undercut any effort to move beyond Kyoto and make the process better. Kyoto is flawed, but instead of being constructive moving forward, Canada has continually acted by changing the goalposts, watering down, in a cynical attempt to gain credibility, where it doesn't exist. How about C-30, the "made in Canada" solution?

Karen said...

Good grief, the "anon's" of the world, should take a stand, own up to who they are and present their so called evidence.

Honestly...this anon may have a point, perhaps that scenario was presented to the cabinet. Perhaps, that is what Dion had to fight and finally won.

But for goodness sake, own up to what happened and how you might know these things. When you use the term scheme...sorry, you lose me and you put yourself in the Harper camp.

tdwebste said...

Currently Canada is among the largest energy consumer per person. That could vastly change through redevelopment. New Yorkers burn gasoline at the rate the U.S. did in the 1920s, because of the 80% usage of public transit. Asia has a far more efficient economy. Because of our enormous energy inefficiency it simply cannot compete. This energy inefficiency reduces competitiveness in many indirect ways such as limiting schools with travelling distance and reducing labour mobility. A more competitive education system and greater labour mobility depend on greater transportation efficiency. Moving 2 tons or even 1 ton of steel around to move your fat fanny around is NOT energy efficient and it is not healthy for you. We learned from Japan in the 80s, but can we learn from Asia today?

The inability to redevelop suburban land is costing us all dearly. We need to build transit hubs in our suburbs not only to improve our energy efficiency, but social efficiency which include education and labour.

burlivespipe said...

Unfortunately, if that breakdown of Canadians were to vote the same way, Harper would have his majority to wreak havoc on the public sector, the social system, the health care system, and the means inwhich our federal gov't works, never mind snub Arnold.
He's proven to be adept at tearing up and breaking accords, agreements and working arrangements to suit his 'so-called' principles. When it comes to the gov't's environmental plan, the whole concept is essentially a photo op that he will use but never enact; as some wise bloggers have pointed out, in five years in opposition how many times did he query the Liberals on getting going with Kyoto? If he wasn't busy trying to bury Canadian citizens in other countries' prisons, he was sucking up to the republikanauts down south.
Again, I've run off topic, but
this is a sad state of affairs...

lance said...

It's even better than that Burlivespipe, the pro-kyoto crowd is split three ways.

What was it Flanigan was mentioning in his book? Oh yeah, let the left fight themselves.