Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tory A Hit

A quick peruse of the Blogging Tory website illustrates the objective political boner delivered by John Tory. Even the faithful aren't amused:
"Can't Vote for the Ontario PC's this time":

"I've been a staunch Ontario PC since I started voting 20 years ago.For the longest time, I was gaining respect and confidence in John Tory and was looking forward to voting PC in the coming election to get rid of McGuinty and the Liberal Party.All that changed when John Tory's promised full funding for Faith based school's."

Tory Promotes ID in Science Class:

"It is a sad day for people hoping to oust Premier McGuinty from Ontario. With short sightedness like this, John Tory has signed his resignation, at least, one would hope. Intelligent Design (ID) has a place in schools. That is, in religious studies classes. Teaching it along side evolution is ludicrous."

"Sorry Mr. Tory...I can't get behind this":

"teaching creationism on the public dime is a deal-breaker for me...I think this one's gonna leave a mark."

China or Bust: John Tory Keeps Digging:

"Yeah, it’s almost kind of a nightmare. I think Tory would have a slam dunk majority if he’d drop faith-based like a hot potato. But he won’t. And we’ll get four more years of Dalton."

Can't wait for the first election poll, Tory looks a compelling juggernaut of unstoppability.

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JimmE said...

Why do so may Tories call themselves "staunch"?
As a verb it means: To stop or restrict (a flow of blood) from a wound. Hmmmm, from a wound eh?