Saturday, September 01, 2007

"Neither" Rides High

I doubt Andrew Coyne would be surprised by this result, but "Neither" continues to be the preferred choice of Canadians:
When asked which of the two main party leaders would be the best head of government, Canadians remain skeptical. Neither (41%) is still the most popular answer, and 15 per cent are undecided. Support for Harper as the preferred Prime Minister stands at 32 per cent, while only 12 per cent of respondents pick Dion.

In the other leaders defence, "Neither" had a particularly strong summer on the barbeque circuit, proving once again there is no substitute for charisma. Look for strong turnout in the next election.


Anonymous said...

Look at this site :
You will discover another apparent conflictual situation about Sponsorship scandal. This blog shows than Minister Michael Fortier has a brother-in-law lawyer (his lawyer's firm) who did work for and with Jean Brault and Groupaction. Very intrigating. Easy to understand why politicians are so low...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, and not the other

Steve V said...


Thanks for the link.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think this can be explained for the following reasons

Stephane Dion: Most Canadians don't know him well enough to have a firm opinion one way or another and considering how much Canadians tune out politics, I don't think they will establish a firm opinion of him until the campaign so all the more reason to run a strong campaign as this will be his make or break.

Stephen Harper: He hasn't done anything devastating or horrible, but nothing great either. Whether one likes or dislikes him (I dislike him) most don't fear for the future if Harper stays in office any longer, assuming it is a minority off course, so I suspect that is the reason for the high numbers of neither. Canadians seem to tolerate Harper as PM, but would happily take someone else if they offered something better.

Steve V said...

"Canadians seem to tolerate Harper as PM, but would happily take someone else if they offered something better."

Miles, I think that pretty much sums up the situation.