Saturday, September 22, 2007

John Tory Is A Joke

Tory is touting nuclear power to meet Ontario's energy needs. Fine, but everytime he is asked about coal, he responds with:
Tory has said he will look at closing the Ontario's coal-fired power plants - the province's worst polluters - but not until there is a reliable alternative.

The kicker, Tory won't commit to closing coal plants, and yet he has the audacity to run scum ads on McGuinty's failure:
The last advertisement attacks McGuinty for breaking his pledge to close Ontario's coal-fired electricity plants. It shows a young girl coughing and concludes that "broken promises have consequences."

McGuinty is irrelevant, what is noteworthy, a leader and party who claims that McGuinty is killing people with his policies, while concurrently sanctioning those same policies. Maybe if Tory was advocating closing the plants immediately, then he would have a point, but because the PC's have taken the low road, logic dictates that John Tory pledges to kill more Ontario residents. The inference of broken promises is overshadowed by the knowledge that coal kills, and McGuinty has allowed this to happen.

John Tory is a joke. Tory's pathetic hypocrisy is akin to people drinking bad water, and him responding that until we find another well, bottoms up! Tory lowered the bar, he can roll in his own muck. John Tory is letting Ontario residents die, with full knowledge of the source. That's what the ad and the policy tell me.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree!

Mark Dowling said...

Steve - after the election Dalton should announce that scrubbers will be installed in Nanticoke, but in a way that they have to be removed by 2014-16 perhaps by leasing crucial components or contracting to sell them on to coal plants in China so they can't be accused of extending the life of Nanticoke.

The greens scream "but it doesn't reduce CO2". It's also not cheap. But scrubbers massively reduce particulates and some of the other chemical components of smog. Particulates can be carried on the jetstream and land in unexpected places - it appears the BC Rockies are turning grey from deposited Chinese coal particles and that is accelerating the melting of the snowcaps.

Anonymous said...

Murder Victim's Family Attack's Tory's "deceitful" Crime Ad.

From today's Toronto Star:

But not all victims of crime are pleased that Tory is using them as props in his bid to win the election.

"It's very deceitful. It's totally inappropriate," Audette Shephard said about Tory's announcement yesterday and his new television ads that show a roadside memorial of flowers and a stuffed animal with the slogan, "Justice matters."

Shephard's 19-year-old son, Justin, was shot and killed in 2001.

"I do have a lot of respect for John Tory and for Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton. If they want to attack each other's policies, then that's fine but when you bring tragedy into it, (it) really leaves a bad taste for me," Shephard said.

"Tragedy is not a political game and I don't think someone's tragedy should be used in that kind of fashion."

Shephard doesn't hold out much hope for Tory's proposed reward program either.

Justin's murder remains unsolved – despite a $50,000 reward offered by the Toronto Police. It was later raised to $100,000 by his half brother, NBA star Jamaal Magloire.

"They had $100,000 and still people refused to come forward and I know that there are people that know," she said.

"It's very frustrating. I get very angry sometimes when people think throwing money at people is going to bring justice," said Shephard, a founding member of United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere.

900ft Jesus said...

re - murder victim's family -
Tory does not have the intelligence to be subtle. That approach is not only tasteless, it offers no solutions.

Sure, Tory is a joke, but not clever enough to be funny. Libs aren't even all that fond of Dalton, but he remains ahead in the polls despite that, thanks, largely, to Tory promising to be so much worse. Another empty promise maker who is clueless about the environment, and steps on my tender spot - aboriginal rights.

Steve V said...


Tory has used Caledonia, the way he uses everything else, for political gain. Tory says we need to end the era of political opportunism, but he subscribes to that theory daily. I actually shutter to think what would have happened in Caledonia had Tory been in charge. I suspect his simplistic analysis would have lead to a wider crisis.


Scrubbers are fine, in one sense, if you don't have a play to take Nanticoke off line. However, since they don't deal with the CO2, then it is a half-measure anyways, much better to strive for elimination. I don't think anyone would be satisfied with a partial solution, that doesn't deal with GHG's. I'd rather the government spend the huge sum for scrubbers on developing alternatives, which could lead to closing it down altogether.

Mark Dowling said...

Steve, at least some units of Nanticoke are guaranteed to 2014 and possibly beyond. My point is that even if you don't do all eight units every coal stack you scrub takes large amounts of mercury, SOx, NOx and particulates out.

If a leaking sewer was near your property and it was slated to be replaced in 2014, you'd want it at least patched in the meantime, wouldn't you? It wouldn't reduce the sewage but the collatoral effects are not insignificant.

Steve V said...


I hear your point, but Tory is offering a bandaid. If Tory committed to closure in 2014, then immediate scrubbers have some worth. As an aside, I was at the plant today, thankfully up wind ;)