Sunday, September 30, 2007

Comeback Kid?

There are growing signs that John McCain's campaign is rising from the dead, further clouding the Republican race. The actual successes of the Iraq "surge" aside, there is no question that McCain is getting traction for his consistent pro-Iraq, more troops, stance. The more the media reports that the troop surge is working, the more relevant McCain becomes, especially with Republicans who are easily seduced. Today we learned that September say the lowest American troop casualty number in over a year, the why is irrelevant to the perception.

The polls are starting to show a McCain resurgence. Most of the national polls show a general uptick in support for McCain, compared with results taken last month. The more relevant story, McCain appears to have momentum in New Hampshire:
American Res. Group 09/26 - 09/29

Romney 24 McCain 20 Giuliani 20

CNN/WMUR 09/17 - 09/24

Romney 25 Giuliani 24 McCain 18

*Polls taken since July previously had McCain 10-12%*

Iowa, which was never a must win for McCain, also shows improvement. This is shown using the same polling firm results for Aug and Sept:
American Res. Group 08/26 - McCain 5%

American Res. Group 9/26- McCain 11%

Obviously, I want a Democrat to take the White House, but from a political junkie perspective nothing is more tantalizing than a return from the dead, comeback kid scenario, especially when the Republican race has been a giant snoozefest to date.

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