Monday, September 03, 2007

Why I Like Elections

You just don't get these kind of announcements without an election:
Ontarians can expect a new holiday in February if the Liberals are re-elected next month.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has proposed a new holiday called Family Day aimed at recognizing the importance of Ontario families by giving them more time to spend with their loved ones.

He says adding Family Day to the calendar will give Ontario workers a total of nine long weekends per year.

Finance Minister Sorbara, states the obvious:
"I think this is going to be very, very welcome in Ontario."

Rumor has it John Tory will counter by making Mar 8 "Free Booze Day" at all LCBO locations.


Anonymous said...

Family Day was an Progressive Conservative idea of former Premier Alberta Don Getty. Surely if Alberta can do this like about 20 years ago Ontario can catch up.

Steve V said...


Agreed, more a comment on the timing.

Gayle said...

At the time Getty did this, people like me were somewhat cynical, as it was part of that whole "family values" thing the conservatives claim a monopoly on, but I must say I do enjoy having a long weekend in February...

If I recall correctly, federal employees do not get the benefit of this holiday. Retailers and entertainment outfits do.

Louise M. said...

The Public Service Alliance of Canada which represents about 170,000 federal employees, has been trying to negotiate a February holiday in its Master Contract for years. To lead the way the union gave its employees a floating holiday which could be taken any day in February.

If I recall, someone had suggested "Flag Day" to correspond with February 15, the day our flag was adopted.

This would not affect me as I am retired. I don't oppose this idea. I do wonder about productivity insofar as public employees are concerned. The fewer days in the office (holiday, sick leave and other time off) the more overtime hours are racked up.

Jeff said...

Rumor has it John Tory will counter by making Mar 8 "Free Booze Day" at all LCBO locations.

Would be a natural follow-up to his free booze in casinos promise.

Interestingly enough, John has already come-out against the holiday idea. I'd heard he's gone negative, but what's next, opposing puppies?

Steve V said...

"John has already come-out against the holiday idea."

Maybe someone should buy Tory some political antenna.

susansmith said...

And a chicken in every pot! I hate being bought by politicians with my money!

Steve V said...


Does that mean Hampton is off your list, because the affliction isn't party specific at the moment?

northwestern_lad said...

The timing of this just absolutely stinks. There have been private members bills passed during this term that have called for this. So what has taken these Liberals so long??? They had a whole 4 year term because it was expected they would "govern" for 4 years, not wait until the last couple of months before an election to start "governing".

The idea isn't bad, but what's taken so long???

Anonymous said...

It is a long stretch of Canadian winter between the Christmas holidays and the Easter Holiday.

I would not argue a long weekend in Feb - but do agree that the timing of said promise s rather insulting.

Suppose there is any chance of a coalition gov. coming into office? I could then stock up at free LCBO day as well.

Steve V said...

No question, the timing is insulting, but the politics are shrewd. Just ramping up the campaign, the last long weekend of the summer, when people start to think of winter, McGuinty offers a carrot to cushion the blow.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Not a bad idea, although some companies that operate in Alberta let their employees have another day off in order to be fair.

Ben said...

I would prefer the name Freedom Day.