Sunday, September 23, 2007

John Baird's Alternate Universe

I'm surprised Baird's head doesn't spin off, with his outlandish statements, that show no relationship to reality. If, your plan is credible and worthy of your own praise, doesn't it follow that someone, outside of the inner circle, would acknowledge your commitment? Eliminate the environmentalists for convenience, and you are still left with non-partisan domestic panels, foreign delegations, economists who you trumpeted to trash Kyoto, foreign banks, every critique negative, except for Buzz Hargrove and two oil-execs. The sheer weight of the criticisms, from all quarters, doesn't seem to effect John Baird, he just continues to spew and spew:
"We've got to get developed countries like the United States and the European Union and Canada on board playing a leadership role as we're fortunate and wealthy enough that we can do so," Baird said.

"At the end of the day, people will judge us not by our talk but by our action," Baird said Saturday.

At the end of the day, people have already judged your plan as a hot-air, disingenious, propaganda exercise. As already mentioned elsewhere, when will the media stop giving Baird a forum to offer up the bull, unedited and virtually unchallenged? Where are the tough questions? Where is the responsible journalism that confronts the rhetoric that would insults us all? John Baird shouldn't be allowed to present this myth, unless he can find some credible allies to back-up his claims. Is the media a check or a conduit?


Anonymous said...

With Flannigan's article that in essence admits and points out that Harper has mislead (duped) Canadians and a book by Michael Byers you'd think Canadians would truly listen.

If you're interested, Michael Byers will be interviewed today on CPAC (7 ET, 5PT) by Ken Rockburn about his new book and the danger of Stephen Harper.

I think it's worth a boo.

Steve V said...

Sounds like a must-see ;)

Karen said...

They are a conduit, no two ways about it. It's baffling really, but more than that, it's frustrating. They, the con's, are hiding their arrogance, in wide open spaces, treating all Canadians like idiots and the media gives them their forum.

Going through the Flanagan article, it's clear that the con plan, is just that...a plan to con.

Anon, thanks for the reminder, I saw that that was coming up, but forgot.

Byers is no friend of the Lib's, however, I've just started his book and he makes some really interesting points.

Funny, all the writers who seem to be defending Canada recently, seem to on the far left. Byers, Klein, McQuaig. I'm reading them simultaneously, so I don't really have an opinion on them yet, but it struck me this afternoon, that we are hearing voices from the left and the right, (Mulroney, Flanagan, etc.), where are the Liberal voices?

I know Chretien has a book coming out, but where are our Kleins? It's got me thinking, specifically in the context of media.

Steve V said...

"They, the con's, are hiding their arrogance, in wide open spaces"

I like that description, sums it all up nicely.