Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Calling the "Wise Men"

There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal, the Conservatives are re-grouping, we need to fight like our lives depend on it. Public opinion is decidedly disgusted, pure folly to believe there is genuine support for a coalition, people are just plain PISSED. The outrage extends beyond Harper, and the minions are using outlandish language to sour Canadians on the coalition, the war room is a hive of activity.

I want to see the "wise men" front and center, RIGHT NOW. Get them on a plane, get them in a room, get them to come up with a press release, then get them in front of the cameras, Martin, McKenna, Manley and Romanow. Preach stability, show a steady hand, give Canadians something beyond "separatists" and recently rejected leadership.

It's a public relations battle, and we don't have time for any distraction, move forward like it's slipping away, that will ensure ultimate victory. Those men should be in front of the cameras BEFORE Harper goes near the Governor General. The coalition desperately needs a sense of stability, anything symbolic which furthers that, should be the chief priority. Calling the "wise men", because the danger of the "three stooges" is real and being actively spread.


Constant Vigilance said...

I wish I could recommend this more than once!

Anonymous said...

Agree, any indication anyone in Ottawa is listening? What are the lines of communication between pro-coalition bloggers and our pro-coalition politicians?

Curiousity Cat also has great ideas.


Anonymous said...

True that!

We don't need another "not a leader" campaign to solidify. We should have learned our lesson after Bush swiftboated Kerry, but now we have had our own experience with who this gang operates and need to get ahead of the curve.

Not only do we need those "wise men" in front of the camera, but we also need all the members and leaders of all the parties out front explaining what is happening.

Anonymous said...

when we see headlines like elizabeth may getting a senate seat and that she has spoken to dion about things...these headlines however minor they are ...are going to be used by the conservatives against us......the canadian voter has no time for political games and if mr dion becomes p.m. this in no way means he had a mandate....

Anonymous said...

We do need a PR offensive. On The National last night Mansbridge did not once mention the coalition's stimulus package. Very odd.
Do Canadians know their own system of government? (More money needed for education for sure.)
A point no one seems to be making is that successful minority governments always rely on informal coalitions. Harper failed miserably to build any coalitions. That's why he lost the confidence of the House.

Anonymous said...

If I had to place a bet, I would say that the CPC are going to prorogue. The way they are behaving and acting right now makes me think as much. They plan on using this time to run a PR campaign.

I would suggest that the coalition parties use that time to stay on message, let them everyone know that Harper doesn't command the confidence of the house (and what their plan actually is), and play up Harper's desperation in his last days of power.

In_The_Centre said...

I agree completely.

A lot of these bloggers seem to be living in fantasy land, assuming that the 62% voted against Harper argument, no matter how logical it is, will automatically resonate with the people.

A quick sample of the media headlines in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg shows how nasty and polarizing this is going to get. The angry and reactive response of grassroots Conservative supporters has to matched with a similar level of vocal support and donations and money from grassroots coalition supporters.

The issue I think is now only starting to enter mainstream conversation, and most people are thinking …”what the f%@k is going on”


Steve V said...


To be clear, we've done a good job to date, but we need to realize it means NOTHING as of this moment.

People will note, a different tone from the government today in QP, they've found their voice. It's a death match.

sjw said...

Note the constant use of "separatist coalition" by the government.

I do not see how the GG awards Harper with a prorogation of parliament or a new election when the roots of his want will be based on his political miscalculations and blunders. To me it will be a miscarriage of parliamentary justice if she were to grant either of these two likely requests.

Steve V said...


Harper is trying to turn this into a "defender of Canada" question. They will RAM that into the brains of Canadians.

MrvnMouse said...

They need money as much as they need strategy.

I need the coalition partners to establish a place to donate so people can get money into the coalition to buy ads and other such PR that won't just go into party coffers.

Steve V said...


Agreed, I was thinking the same thing. The good news, it's not just Liberals, but the NDP can also mobilize supporters to fund a response.

sjw said...

"defender of Canada" question.

After almost two decades in Ottawa I don't believe the majority of Quebeckers who send Bloc members to Parliament do so with sovereignty first and foremost on their minds. The Bloc represents more of a federalist option for Quebeckers who seek a voice that will safeguard their interests at the federal level. When it comes to the people of Quebec, the Harper government uses this foolhardy "treasonous shitbag" label at its peril.

Steve V said...

I believe that's true, but the truth is a foreign concept in Harper's desparate pursuit, clinging for power.

Okhropir Rumiani said...

As per stability..

You think stability can be kept up for the 18 month length of the pact?

This coalition hasn't even taken the reins of governance yet.