Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sweater Man

Harper’s uneven performance during an interview with Mansbridge offered many clues for the Liberals moving forward. It’s imperative to stay ahead of the Conservatives, as their strategy clearly attempts to box the Liberals in, Harper the “olive branch” leader, looking for a good faith partner in the name of the economy. Harper’s attempt at revision, to now position himself as conciliatory, in the wake of his self-inflicted crisis, must be responded too forcefully.

The Liberals need to frame the outreach for what it is, namely an after the fact attempt to remove responsibility for an objective failure on the economy. It was this government that presented an unacceptable economic update, that was provocative and insufficient, one that completely failed to “reach out” to the opposition. To offer co-operation now should be framed as nothing more than a desperate attempt to cling to power, a political strategy to cloud ultimate responsibility. The onus is not on the Liberals, it is not up to us to step up to the plate, it is up to the Harper government to bring acceptable measures to the table.

Ignatieff should meet with Harper immediately and make clear to the public, that any concept of stimulus is a Liberal thrust, if Harper chooses to agree, then he is adopting our day one policy. Within that, Liberals should continually hammer the point, Harper is not too be trusted, any outreach is tactical, all part of the typical passive/aggressive behavior. We can work on the economy, that’s what we’ve wanted all along, it’s the Prime Minister that’s late to the party, and his new found spirit of co-operation is more political necessity than genuine desire. For the sake of the economy, we will get down to work, but let’s not forget how we got here.

Harper screwed up, and now he looks to the Liberals to provide cover and save his government. No matter the ultimate outcome, any sense of “good faith” is a political mirage, this Prime Minister is not to be trusted, he has failed. The Liberals will attempt to SALVAGE something out of this unnecessary crisis, but make no mistake, Harper’s actions have permanently soured this Parliament, don’t confuse concern for the economy with confidence. Sweater man is just a character, working together a ruse to get Harper out of HIS bind. Let’s keep our foot on the snake.


Anonymous said...

How does Iggy look with a red sweater? He is known to wear it a few times.

There is a new sweater man in Ottawa now and he wears red not blue.

Nothing but red meat for Harper now. Iggy is making Harper dig deep into the hard right so-con base. Have fun as the Cons lose their mind.

Anonymous said...

Harper will try to get as much time as he possibly can from Iggy so that he can get outside the no-election-now window. Then he'll launch the negative ads, define Iggy, and then start bullying again.

Iggy will not fall into that trap, I don't think. So he'll probably pursue the 1985 Ont lib/ndp alliance model with no Dippers in Cabinet.

I don't think Iggy should meet Harper before New Year's. He should spend the time in between to define himself to the Canadian people, define what his government would do, and then meet Harper.

Steve V said...

If the Cons start with the attacks, we can work that too our advantage. Harper is preaching working together, focusing solely on the economy, and yet these characters are embarking on a defamation exercise. Where are your priorities?

Anonymous said...

The Libs have a perfect opportunity. Make any discussions with Harper contingent on Kevin Page seeing the books first.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Ignatieff simply meet with Harper and offer to create a German-style "grand coalition" where the Conservatives and Liberals govern through the recession jointly while the NDP can be the de facto official opposition!

liberazzi said...

If the Cons start with their childish attack ads, we need to put MI front and center. It would have to be like a sweater ad where he speaks directly into the camera. No longer do we need to hide our leader, now he should be front and center to take on any BS the Cons throw at the Libs. The Cons have lost their whipping boy.

sjw said...

I thought I'd share with you all an email reply I received today from an old friend of mine. We have known each other for over 30 years and we met when we were 13, so if you're wondering how old I am, you do the math. The reason I place this here is I am wondering if there are many other progressives who have friendships with those folks of the other political bent because let me tell you, it ain't easy...anyway, here we go, spelling errors and all:

Proroeging parlaiment is all above board so I think perhaps its you who needs a lesson in how government works. Stevo said he'd do anything it takes and this will be seen in hindsight as a brilliant political play. ya he tried to cut off the Libs (free) nuts with the idea of stopping the vote cash, and the Libs freaked cause they can't find enough suckers like you; but if you haven't read in the paper, the majority of Canadians agree with Stevo regarding party financing and you haven't heard the last of it so you better start buying lotto tickets, something that your president left out of his letter to the "supporters" but he did give you plenty of letters and talking points as he put it, all ready written for you so you don't have to think for yourself just follow blindly the party line or party's (NDP-LIB) or the Blind party*
Your guys are a mess and they are calling the kettle black, they complain about Harper not being trustworthy when Jack had this bright idea probably before the election, I'd like to hear these tapes of him with Duceppe but the media hasn't come out with them as far as I know, probably cause they are all getting off on all the drama and want to prolong it and in their mistaken views, become a part of history themselves...but your never gonna see a coalition, your girlfriend by all accounts should grant Stevo an election after they vote non con as they have promised to the sight unseen budget, ya that's democracy. Doesn't matter how good it is Jack is hellbent on getting in that chair and sees this as his only hope, he knows Dion is a stumblebum and would have to take over the heavy lifting. But it ain't gonna happen cause he underestimated just how much of a doofus Dion really is (was)
Crowning Iggy isn't a smart move either, talk about Harper being ruler where's the democracy in that move , can't get the guy out fast enough, first they want him to lead a coalition then they want him out...make up your minds. Dion thought he could save his rep by joining up with Jack but he can't handle it and Jacks an idiot for trying. Canada as a whole is against the coalition and though they might like the idea better with Iggy they still won't like it. People want Harper to lead, as the election proved. There was a small turnout because the people didn't want a change of government, now watch Stevo get his majority. Especially when the country gets to hear Iggy more and more, they be turned off by him almost as much as they were Dion, he'a a blowhard with bizarre grimaces that "smile" is not going to win him any votes. You Betcha.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

liberazzi said...

The Libs need to start defining MI now, before the Harpercrites start their nonsense up.

Steve V said...

"Your suggestions are appreciated"

New email address? Good grief ;)

I suspect we will be more proactive this time around, and I expect Michael to maintain a high profile in the coming weeks. I don't think we'll see ads, because if the Cons go that route, while also arguing that Libs and Cons need to work together, it will just reinforce negative perceptions of THEM. The sledgehammer doesn't work with the sweater.

sjw said...

New email address?


Oh he'd find me. There was one time about five years ago he hadn't heard from me for several months and he tracked down and called my mother for my whereabouts. The interesting thing is I grew up in Ottawa and the vast majority of my old friends are of the right-wing persuasion. I'm glad I got out.

Unknown said...

I think this is now a contest of which side can make they other look less reasonable. And the Conservatives are losing so far. But trying to push through a coalition before hearing the budget, or more ridiculous an un-coalition, would make the Lib/NDP coalition the villains IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Round One to the opposition. That's the basic message in my view.

Most people believe that Harper was way off base with the update (in BOTH political and economic terms). But in spite of a divided opposition and the liberal leadership in transition, they pulled together to stand up to Harper when he least expected it.

I say congratulations to Dion and to the coalition for pulling it off. Harper wriggled away a damaged leader. Lots of Canadians were put off by the coalition idea (often because they don't understand our parliamentary system), but the coalition did what they had to do to stop the bully, and to me, THAT'S the message. They won Round One.

Much has changed, but the opposition is in good shape for Round Two.

Dame said...

sjw it is very Condensed rednecky "supremacy" what your old frind is praudly showing... no wonder Harper base is upon these peole... and matching this supreme arrogance.It was a good idea to show us this e-mail Not all of us can see so close who they really are
handle with care lolololo

Regarding The sweatherman .. he is sitting on the fence and basically out of his wits.
yes the first thing should be open the Books..

Dame said...

I Fully agree with Jeff it was great step Forward To make Coalition as Force thanks to Dion's Pragmatic and very Brave step.
Now we are In better position...

Steve V said...


The best part, Ignatieff has positioned us right at the center of round two. Harper wants to meet with us, Layton is seeking him out, everything would seem to revolve around "what the Liberals do". That provides Ignatieff to almost look the defacto PM, a terrific introduction.