Monday, December 22, 2008

I Wonder If Jacques Parizeau Approves?

According to Stephen Harper, anything that makes Jacques Parizeau happy is bad for Canada. Remember the Conservative fear factory arguing the coalition was supposed to give the Bloc Senate seats, but the Conservatives beat them too it, appointing a former PQ MNA, who fought with Parizeau in the 1995 referendum. What, you couldn't find 18 "Canadians" to appoint?

Now, apologists will argue that Rivard once ran for the Alliance under Stockwell Day, but then again Day was always cozy with separatists, so that's consistent.


Anthony said...

PQ steve

not BQ

the Bloc is really the hamilton Bulldogs compared to the Parti Quebecois.

Steve V said...

Oops ;)

CuzBen said...

Steve I'm suprised you and other Lib bloggers haven't posted about what I think is a bigger story than these distracting and typically partisan appointments: the resignation of Jim Arnett as auto advisor.

It says a lot when a man like Arnett gives Harper the finger but still agrees to work with McGuinty. My feelings on McG are well known, especially when it comes to heeding the advice of the experts. But to have a man of Arnett's calibre walk away in disgust is beyond the pale.

Reports say the Cons will find answers to the auto sector crisis "internally" from now basically we're screwed.

Off topic, but consistent with the latest string of fouls.

liberazzi said...

We should start a protest whereby disgruntled voters drop or deliver their flip flops to Sussex or the Hill or one in each major city. One of those "One Million Flip Flops for Harper" or something. Maybe when its warmer though;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....throw flip-flops instead of shoes. Gives the message and far cheaper in these economic times.

RuralSandi said...

All the while, this report has come out and everyone is talking about the senate:

Canadians paid more taxes in 2007: report

StatsCan finds average household spends more on pets than on child care

By Eric BeauchesneDecember 23, 2008

Canadian families pay more in personal taxes than they do on either shelter or food, and spend more on their pets than they do on child care.

Those are among the revelations in Statistics Canada's latest annual report on household expenditures.

Despite the tax-cut boasts of governments, Canadian families paid six per cent more on average in personal income taxes last year, which remained the single largest expense for families, even ahead of keeping a roof over their heads.

..Boy, Harper's timing is unreal.

Möbius said...

Dion himself dismissed his early separatist leanings, and became one of the most intelligent writers against them.

I've never criticized him for that. Anyone can make a mistake.