Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Flip Flopper With NO Peer

Things are happening so fast, the flip flops coming at warp speed, I thought I'd do a small compilation. All these, and more, in just a matter of weeks and days. Stephen Harper:

* Said if a recession were to occur, it was "his view that it would have happened already" in October. Yesterday, comparing this downturn to the Great Depression, and the lessons we've learned.

* Argued that the government would run a 100 million surplus next year. Three weeks later, he tells Canadians to expect a 30 billion dollar deficit.

* Wrote a letter to the GG, arguing that an alternative government was available to her, should the Martin government fail, signed by himself and SEPARATIST Gilles Duceppe. Also argued that an election wasn't necessary if a government were to fall and an alternative exists, because that's "not how our constitutional system works". Now argues an election is "constitutionally" necessary should his government fall.

* Told Canadians his government saw the economic maelstorm coming last year and acted accordingly, but now argues that all of this was "impossible to predict".

* Gave Ontario 21 more seats under redistribution, despite the intial argument that 10 was sufficient, to reflect regional representation.

* Will appoint unelected Tory hacks to the Senate, despite a refusal to do so being a signature commitment throughout his political career.

* Argued that anyone who supported a carbon tax was "crazy" and "insane". This week named the "father" of a carbon tax, economist Jack Mintz to his economic advisory council.

* Said unequivocally, that Canada's mission in Afghanistan would end in 2011. Now categorizes any talk of what happens in 2011 a "hypothetical", not the time to discuss "other scenarios".

I'm sure I've missed a few...


sharonapple88 said...

Thought you might get a kick out of this -- Thomas Walkom mused that the flip-flops are because the PM office is being run by twins: Geoffrey and Stephen Harper.

Steve V said...

That's good :)

Anonymous said...

Please check this out carefully, Steve. Not sure if Harpo has an identical twin. He is known to be the eldest of three boys. Geoffrey is the younger brother of Stevo, but by how much I don't know.