Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I'd Like To See

1) Ignatieff, Rae and LeBlanc pay back their ENTIRE leadership entrance fee using the Victory Fund membership rebate system. A former candidate receives a $25000 rebate for every 1000 new VF members. That's 3600 new members, per candidate to pay off the fee. Make it so.

2) The Liberals develop a "rapid response" strategy, wherein any Conservative attack or distortion is met with an immediate counter. Whether that be surrogates in front of the camera, press releases, ads, whatever, it's imperative that we eliminate the "dead air" syndrome that plagued us throughout the Dion era. Dithering=Done.

3) Realistic chances aside, I want to see Ignatieff do a tour in the heart of Bloc country. The only way to rebuild the Liberal brand is too dispense with the defeatist attitude that resulted in paralysis. Better to try and possibly fail, than not to try at all, like the previous regime.

4) Spend more time talking about the present and future ideals of the Liberal Party, rather than continually referencing our past legacy. This is a point of contention with many Liberals, who are rightfully proud of certain achievements of past Liberal administrations, but it's a double edged sword in many parts of the country. Apart from the big ideals of a strong federation, fiscal discipline, if you're trying to rebuild a tarnished brand, it's better to provide a fresh perspective that doesn't remind one of a well established church, tablets and all.

5) Edgy. The Liberal Party appartus tends to play it safe, especially when it comes to presentation. Almost always competent and professional, there is a cookie cutter feel to much of our "connection", a hesistancy to try something different or unique. The Liberal Party is a bit boring and conventional, nothing would suggest a new direction, like a "outside of the box" approach. Same old, same old doesn't generate excitement or grab attention.


The Pontificator said...

4, and 5 are particularly bang on

CuzBen said...


What about Ignatieff's pledge that the LPC will be "boring"? I think he's right. People only want to see politicians with their heads down, pens scribbling. Unless the new edgy presentation is all about seriousness and hardwork, I would stick to boring. Any "new look" will take significant time and money, I don't know if there's an appetite for that.

JimmE said...

Me, I would like to see him spend some time west of Manitoba & also challenge this Senate side show.

Anthony said...

adding to point number 3

Michael Ignatieff got the entire provincial Liberal Party organization to hop on board for the leadership race.

The PLQ blame Stephen Harper for the late surge in PQ support at the end of the campaign, costing Charest up to 10 seats.

Im sure the Premier would have no problem letting his organizers get back at Harper

Steve V said...

I think it was Rae who said "boring", and it related to caucus discipline and unity. I'm referring to using the new technologies to maximum advantage, among other things. On that score, I admit to admiring the NDP in the last campaign on a few fronts, particulary their advertising, which was different, it caught the eye.


Most, most definitely. I referenced Quebec, because as far as I can remember, and I was watching intently, Dion never once visited the Eastern Townships. Whether it's viable terrain or not, you need to connect with whatever base you have, and at least attempt to show a presence. That same logic applies to areas in the west.

Steve V said...


What's the early reaction from the Quebec press to Iggy, particularly outside of Montreal?

Anonymous said...

Good ideas. At least we've bought ourselves time before we have to worry about 2, I mean goodness it's like no one even runs the conservative website anymore. So far all they've done is a fundraising letter to their own base and they got flak for that anyway. They only people who I think will be trashing Ignatieff from now till budget time now are the Blogging Tories and it's debatable how much the LPC should directly answer their attacks.

On 1 though, I don't think that flies. As far as I know neither Rae nor LeBlanc had paid the $90,000 entrance fee yet and it seems unfair to force them too now that they've dropped out. In fact I don't think even Ignatieff has paid the entrance fee yet, but I guess your idea could apply to him.

Steve V said...


Could have swore I heard the fee was paid by Ignatieff, and Rae formally went in. If I'm wrong, sorry, but I still favor these guys using their list of supporters to push the VF.

CuzBen said...

Yeah, maybe it was Rae. Either way I know what he meant but I think it spoke to a larger issue than caucus unity. IMHO, people are sick of politics and distractions. They just want to see work. They only want to see a politician's face if he/she is giving them good economic news.I agree that the LPC needs a rebranding, just not now.

Utilizing all the new technologies, I'm with you there for sure. It's so important to be ahead of your opponents on database tech, website etc.

CuzBen said...

No, I take it back. If you need a rebranding, do it. Why wait?

I am just coming from the presumption that the coalition will end, the Liberals will rebuild and there will be no election in the near future. Quite a presumption, I know, but in that case I think they will win support as an effective opposition which is proactive on policy more than image, which in turn becomes their image.

Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed. Maybe I should start my own blog where I can argue with myself and leave you alone Steve.

Anonymous said...

Steve here is point 6.

Whatever the heck is that Liberals stand for!!!!

Think about it, the Greens stand for the environment, the NDP for socialism and the cons for christian fundimentalism. What is it that the Liberals have as their base ideology?

Next spring they need to join the real world and go to one membership=one vote and develop a core value that will attract a strong base and then they will start leaving the wilderness finally.

Anonymous said...

There's still Dion's debt - others?

Allan said...

Oh man absolutely ! (on your Bloc territory comment). Iggy should move to, like, Trois Rivieres and spend every waking moment pounding the pavement and calling local Liberal riding execs. Smile and Dial !!! Remember the lesson from Obama's campaign: everything is winnable.

Anthony said...

Steve the reaction in Quebec is literally...


they are taking a few parting shots as well...not surprising since nobody here ever took the guy seriously

Blues Clair said...

Dion is a big asset to the Liberals front bench. I hope Liberals will start taking him seriously again, and ignore the shallow ramblings from his critics.

Steve V said...

A timely press release, and maybe a hint of things to come.

Steve V said...

Oh, more here. Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Liberals were human rights and social justice - Charter of Rights and Freedoms, status of women, etc.

Revamping that might be a start.

Arts and culture would be good too (steal it from the NDP).

Anonymous said...

A fight for the middle class and education, senior citizens.

janfromthebruce said...

NDP is about social democracy, social and economic justice, human rights (remember it was Tommy Douglas who first introduced human rights), equality for all, public health care,the environment, electorial reform, and peace not war.

Liberals like to steal, as I just read above, good ideas from the NDP. But trying to make it your own, is the problem when liberals previous actions speak louder than words.
Remaking your image, marketing progressive programs means a party while in power or in opposition would actually champion those policies and programs. Furthermore, the order they are championed or pushed, as well as implemented also indicate to Canadians the direction of that party or government.
I am trying to be helpful and honest with you all. And there is a difference between socialism and social democracy. Social democracy style of govt in the likes of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

Anonymous said...

Steve new poll:
CPC - 45
Libs - 26

That's with Ignatieff named as leader. There is NO improvement over what the numbers were with Dion and if we're gonna prop up the Cons no matter what's in the budget WHAT WAS THE POINT OF CHANGING LEADERS AND ENDING THE LEADERSHIP RACE PREMATURELY? Couldn't Dion have just stayed on and taken the fall on the budget? It's not a great first act to be propping a bad Conservative budget that would have been voted against in other circumstances (even Dion voted AGAINST the first two Con budgets as Opposition leader).

Now Harper won't compromise at all and Ignatieff will be mocked from all sides for falling over.

Who knows what Harper will revive now from the fiscal update, but you can bet he's feeling pretty gutsy right about now.

Obviously he hasn't suffered at all from the past gamesmanship and figures it won't hurt him to do it again and the Libs will fall in line no matter what.

Anonymous said...


Your comments on the Ipsos-Reid poll that Anon 8:21 has put out.

Quebec numbers extremely good for Iggy. Iggy is now taking the lustre off of Layton and Lizzie May. They will have to rally to Iggy now.

The comment from Canadians is this. No coalition government to be propped up by the Bloc. They want an election if the House falls.

Anonymous said...

Harper has already completely written off Quebec. Quebec will want Ignatieff to vote the budget down no matter what whereas the rest of the country wants the opposite.

Unfortunately if Ignaiteff props up Harper he is going to bleed badly to the Bloc. But if he doesn't prop Harper up then he's going bleed badly to Harper in Ontario where there are many more seats at play. Not great choices being faced, but it looks like Harper will gamble that he can make Iggy his whipping boy now. Confidence vote after confidence vote and then an election call where he'll say Ignatieff supported everything he did so in what basis should anyone vote for the Liberals?

Steve V said...

That poll was primarily about the coalition. I've already stated that it's a gigantic loser with people, this just reaffirms that. The trouble, you ask a bunch of questions about the coalition, then you ask a horserace question, do you really expect to see a tight result? Consider me unimpressed, unless of course we do back a coalition.


Thank-you for the Con spin :)

Steve V said...

One other hilarious conclusion from Bricker, stating that the Liberal leader really doesn't matter, when this is the same pollster who argued for months that Dion was a drag on the Liberal brand. Nice analysis, based on a confused question.

Red Tory said...

1) Inside baseball; 2) Definitely — this is an absolute must; 3) I’m sure this is going to happen, as will a similar tour of the western provinces; 4) Let’s presume that Iggy can walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to balancing the past, present and future aspects of the LPC; 5) See #2 (let’s see a little more creativity and experimentation going on in between election cycles, please).