Thursday, March 08, 2007

Don't Let The Facts Get In The Way

What a funny headline-

"Stock deals rattle Obama-Claims he was not aware of shares in firms backed by political donors"

Barack Obama, who is seeking the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, has been forced to defend some curious stock purchases in companies that were backed by some of his top political donors.

The article, like all the others I have seen on this "story" give all the questionable details, then halfway through admit the following:
He lost $13,000 on the sale and there is no evidence that either AVI, or the other company, SkyTerra Communications, benefited in any way from Obama.

No evidence? Lost money? And, why are we reporting nothingness? Obama isn't "claiming" anything, in reality others are "reaching". The sad part, the pinnacle of American journalism, The New York Times, decided that speculation with no underpinning whatsoever, was sound basis for a lead story, that was bound to reverberate. Imagine if Obama broke even, or made 10 bucks? What a waste of Time.

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