Thursday, March 01, 2007

Let Iggy Roam

Let me offer my two cents on the Ignatieff discussion. Arguing that we need to diminish Ignatieff's role translates into an admission that Dion is failing. A confident leader, comfortable with his role, doesn't feel threatened if others share the spotlight. Lowering Ignatieff's profile is an insecure response. Let's be frank, Dion's main strength isn't his persona, as leader of men. I think it an excellent strategy to speak of the "dream team", a net collective of intelligent minds, working together, forming a united front. That perception is a nice contrast to the one-man show operating across the aisle.

In my opinion, if you have an asset, you use it too full effect. Ignatieff has done a good job during question period, although for my money Goodale has been better. Where Ignatieff has been particularly effective is in the scrums, concise, assertive, engaging. If the media seeks Ignatieff out for a soundbite, great, all that matters is getting our message out.

What era are Liberals most remembered for in opposition? I would suggest the "Rat Pack", which consisted of four people, who weren't the "leader". Did they undermine or outshine Chretien, did the surrogates usurp the hierarchy? No, they were effective, pure gold for the Liberals.

The more voices articulating the message, the more character you present to the people. You don't insulate a leader to protect him, if you have to then that speaks volumes. I'm pretty confident that Dion can handle a shared stage with other talented people. If Dion is relatively weak in a specific sense, then use the abilities of the team to augment any "deficiency". If the Liberals have any chance in the next election, we should nourish as many voices as possible. If Dion looks comfortable with a high-profile Ignatieff, it speaks to his leadership, it doesn't distract from it.


Anonymous said...

Here Here!

Excellent Post.

Plus, I think it reflects well on Dion that he isn't threatened by it. It fits well with his "Harper isn't going to change me" message earlier this week.

That kind of openness reflects well on him and the Liberal team.

Just another Liberal said...

Yes I agree. It is a definite benefit to allow others to share the spotlight. Ignatieff is doing a good job so why would we want to limit that?

Good post. Thanks.

Bud said...

If you would like to know what kind of leader Dion is, take a look at the latest Decima Research polls. The Conservatives ads hit the nail on the head. Dion is not a leader.

Anonymous said...

But Bud, you don't even believe in polls, right? just good open and honest government. Not smears and taking (every) low road instead of offering rational policies and arguments, not thinking of accountability only when it works for your party, not canceling policies then relaunching them when polls show a weakness, not getting all petulent about which laws to follow and which to ignore. None of that nonsense, right?

Besides, you're talking about the polls that also showed the conservatives can't climb above their marks from the last election right?

If Harper doesn't remuzzle himself, along with the rest of his gang, I think Canadians might grow a bit tired of his "leadership."

Robert said...

Steve, it's about time you changed the subtitle on your masthead; the one you have doesn't apply.

Steve V said...

Hi Robert:

I was going to change the template, it's like a cave in here :)