Friday, March 09, 2007

Harper's Bad Math

Stephen Harper is touring the country, handing out money for greenhouse gas emission, as part of the ecoTrust initiative. Yesterday, Alberta received 156 million, prior to that Quebec received 350 million, Ontario 586 million. It would appear the government is offering the money as a function of population. If the goal is too reduce greenhouse gases, then Alberta is getting the relative shaft. The following chart should be the guide, in deciding allocation:

Alberta should get 450 million, while Quebec should receive around 180 million. In other words, a region that has disporportionate emissions, should receive a higher share of the funding. Contributions based on population is the easy way out, but it isn't necessarily the best course. Is the concern vote potential or real reductions?

Everyone acknowledges Alberta's "special" needs. What better way for the federal government to show Albertans that the entire country wants to help than a substantial investment? Given the challenges, the amount of money offered is inadequate, especially when compared to what was offered Quebec. Imagine if the Liberals cut the pie in such a way?


rockfish said...

Excellent point! Harpor only follows his nose on political motives, has little interest in real, concrete environmental action -- just check out the names who he piled onto that new carbon capture committee. Few scientists, if any. I'm surprised he didn't insist on a policeman, a hockey mom and the ghost of Richard Milehouse... He's crowing around about 'action' and 'plan' but in fact all he's created is smoke and mirrors, while replastering the sides of ol' Liberal programs and platforms, most of which he ridiculed and derided in Alberta to the extreme.
And on Alberta soil he's standing firm on intensity numbers, while prepared to play the 'fear card' about 'economic doom' should a Liberal gov't try to force the oilsands projects to put in tough and firm anti-pollution standards over the next few years. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying the drinking water, moose or outdoor air of northern Alberta, your incidence of cancer has just gone up 500x!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Steve, yer makin' sense again. O' course the money fer green stuff oughta go where it's needed most. Polyticks is all I'm seein' an' intensity targets ain't gonna do diddly. Give Alberty the money t' clean up the tar sands, sez I. An' this here CO2 sequestration idea ain't bad but it ain't the only way t' reduce emissions.


ottlib said...

Stephen Harper has Alberta sewn up but those pesky Quebecers are playing hard to get.

Need anything else be said.