Tuesday, March 06, 2007


As a staunch federalist, maybe my bias gets the better of me, but the utter nonsense spewed by the BQ is hard to take:
Andre Boisclair is planning to seek international support for an independent Quebec right away - even before a third referendum would be held - if his Parti Quebecois wins the March 26 provincial election.
Boisclair said Tuesday he doesn't plan to wait for the referendum itself or eventual negotiations with the federal government if the sovereigntist forces were to win an independence vote. "The message will be clear and it will be well conveyed to the international community," Boisclair told a news conference, he said, adding he would start the process right after gaining power.

Nothing says "clarity" like two failed referendums. How can Boisclair reach out to foreign countries, when he hasn't first "consulted" with Quebecers? As far as the international community should be concerned, apart from some mischevious French politicians, Quebecers have rejected sovereignty. That's the record, that's democracy.

The PQ leader also said he envisions an orderly transition to a sovereign Quebec.

"I am not at all worried about the day after a referendum," he said.

Well, what else can he say really. I wonder if he actually believes it? Sometimes I wish we could fast-forward to a year after a YES vote, just so everyone could see the orderly, good-natured transition, that defies all historical precedent. Kumbaya, Kumbaya.


IslandLiberal said...

Nothing says "clarity" like two failed referendums.

Clarity, sure, just not the kind he wants.

Steve V said...

Maybe there should be a third referendum, with the stipulation that it will be the last, make it law in fact. I'm tired of the eternal debate, it's bad for Canada and it's hurt Quebec, substantially.