Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back In The Day

Hilarious on one level, absolutely pathetic on another, it's hard to reconcile the Conservatives today, from those guys way, way back, a little over TWO WEEKS AGO. Reading the news reports, it's as if the Canadian election is a distant memory, no journalist capable of venturing back into the archives to do a compare and contrast. Let's try and jog your memory, because I do realize we live in different times now, than those earlier days THIS MONTH.

Remember when the markets really went into the shitter, Bush on television daily, bailouts, meltdowns, unprecedented uncertainty? Did you know the stock market is now higher today than when Harper was running around the country accusing Dion of "panicking", offering a plan, which Harper then mirrored once clear of the electorate? Remember within that meltdown, Harper and Flaherty were promising no deficits, accusing others of ruining our fiscal advantage? Remember when Dion hesitated when asked about the possibility of a deficit, and was then mocked by Conservatives? I know, it's hard, so long ago, geez there were still leaves on the trees for cripes sake.

If there is one thing that needs to happen when parliament reconvenes, it's that the Conservatives MUST wear the complete hypocrisy, the intellectual dishonesty, displayed over the course of mere weeks. The FLIP FLOPS are of biblical proportions, so obscene that they've made a mockery of the past election, voters effectively hoodwinked.

Listen to Jim Flaherty today, it's simply amazing:
OTTAWA - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty warned Wednesday of "misguided" attempts of balancing the books during a period of global economic uncertainty - the clearest sign yet his Conservative government may be forced to post a deficit.

"We will do what we can, despite challenging economic circumstances, to keep the budget balanced," Flaherty told a luncheon business crowd in Toronto. "But we recognize that we work for Canadian families, not fiscal forecasters. What we will never do is engineer a surplus at any price, because that price would ultimately be paid by Canadian families."

"But also unacceptable," he added, "is a devotion to surpluses simply for the sake of saying you achieved them. That view refuses to take into account the long-term damage that can result from misguided attempts to balance the books during a historic global downturn."

If you read between the lines, Flaherty isn't just softening the ground for future deficits, he's also leaving room for one THIS fiscal year. I seem to recall people musing about that reality during the election, but why split hairs, that was so yesterday.

It will be fascinating to watch "Deficit Jim" and the gang navigate through their own contradictions. Even moreso, will the Conservatives be allowed to get away with their ruse, what has no amounted to pulling a fast one on the Canadian people, to ensure re-election? How it unfolds, will be a definitive referendum on any semblance of accountability. At least on income trusts, the government waited a few months to do a complete 180, but this flip flop is so FRESH and blatant, surely all those fair minded, unbiased media types will rightfully NAIL THEM TO THE WALL. Dare to dream...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Steve.

I've been thinking the same thing but trying not to dwell.

I don't understand why the Liberal party isn't coming out with something on this. Anything.

It certainly would be a statement anyone running for leader could support. And Dion too.

I just want to see the party exhibit some sense of unity and action, and this is a freebie . . . completely.

If they can't at least issue a statement about this blatant hypocrisy, how can we ever expect they'll stand up to anything in parliament.

Steve V said...


And, you can't wait until parliament reconvenes, the Conservatives are already laying the groundwork, so by that time everyone will be comfortable with the NEW concept.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they'll have to navigate through their contradictions at all.

One of the unexpected results of the 24/7 news cycle has been the decline in personal and therefore collective memory.

More and more I think the mass media exploit this in the name of ratings and circulation. Blogs are useful in maintaining our memory but are nowhere near the penetration required to offset it entirely.

Right now, today, I wonder how many people, if asked in a poll, could name the date of the last federal election.

Anonymous said...

I may not have been clear. I agree completely. I can't believe the party has just let this slide so passively.

Anonymous said...

Also announced a meeting with all the premiers. Didn't we hear that idea from someone during the campaign? One of the party leaders? Unfortunately I can't remember his name anymore...

Anonymous said...

Help! It's the same gang who couldn't shoot straight back in charge. Hold your noses, they are wearing it alright!

Dame said...

I am nominating Steve V for Leader of Liberal Party... Why not ??? he is just the right mind and mindset... I trust his thinking and judgement and he represents all what I want from the Liberal party generally.
No one comes close like him >
Go Steve . !!


Steve V said...


Too funny :)


You're right about the newscycle, it's like we start fresh everyday.


You were clear, as always.


Dion only had a five point plan, Harper now has six, the Liberals plus 20% more, that's why he's PM

Beijing York said...

Great post Steve. It pisses me off daily that our media is so pathetic. How can Harper and Flaherty get such a pass -- all the freaking time.

They are liars and cheaters and still not a single major media source challenges these creeps. As for the opposition parties, please bring your boxing gloves and memories. Let's NOT start with a tabula rasa. That's exactly what Harper wants.

Anonymous said...

Did you know the stock market is now higher today than when Harper was running around the country accusing Dion of "panicking", offering a plan, which Harper then mirrored once clear of the electorate?


Steve V said...


Go check the charts :)

Steve V said...

Oct 10 TSX 9065

Oct 29 TSX 9501

Oct 10 Dow 8541

Oct 29 Dow 8991