Monday, October 06, 2008

Jack Is Whack

One a day when the world's financial institutions are in the midst of unprecedented turmoil, what's Layton's messaging today? It almost boggles the mind, but Jack serves up a steady diet of bank bashing:
Banks gouging Canadians with rate hikes, Layton says

NDP Leader Jack Layton attacked the banks today, accusing them of jacking up interest rates to pad their record profits and executive salaries at a time when consumers can least afford it.

At rallies in Vancouver and here, he drew attention to a headline in the Globe and Mail stating: Banks hike rate to the very retail customer that have helped them avoid a U.S.-style meltdown.

"They are going after you folks," Layton said told an afternoon rally.

"The banks are going to gouge consumers even more in order to keep their record profits and their sky-high CEO salaries in place," he said.

Layton told the partisan crowds it's time Canada had a prime minister who "stood up for the bank customers instead of just the bank."

Never mind if there is any validity to what Layton is saying, could you choose a more untimely day to declare war on Canadian's financial institutions? Breathtaking. What kind of bizarre signal is Layton sending to instill confidence that he understands the current circumstance? There's a TIME AND A PLACE, and yet the NDP highlights this angle to sell it's agenda.

My goodness.


Anonymous said...

You're just jealous because the NDP has a message and the Liberals have none.

I still don't know what the Liberal "ballot question" is.

Steve V said...

I'm too busy laughing to be jealous.

Aaron said...

Ballot question: Who can replace the neoconservative Stephen Harper?

Stephane Dion and the Liberal team.

Steve V said...

I'm really curious if just one NDP supporter can cut through the haze here, and see the horrible optics of this line of attack, today.

Jerry Prager said...

Personally I think the banks - as the major proponents of biblically proscribed usuary - are guilty of crimes against humanity,which is probably where I leave the liberals and go back to my own independent communitarianism, because I think the banks are in league with the Whore of Babylon.I'll take credit unionism over banks any day of the week as the basis for sound economy. Look at Quebec, it can conceive of sovereignty association because it controls its own money through the Caisse Populaires.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

I love my credit union!! Would never switch.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Jerry Prager said -- it goes back to the mismanagement of usury, central banking and fiat currency. Layton is right here with his message, and we shouldn't have any sympathy for bankers. Some of them should be in jail.

Greg said...

What kind of bizarre signal is Layton sending to instill confidence that he understands the current circumstance?

It is a populist message of "us" against the banks, the CPC and the Liberals. Laugh if you want to, but it might work. People are pretty pissed off at the banks right now.

Anonymous said...

And union contribution to the woes of today? Think about it....they never stop demanding and demanding and they hurt the average Joe that isn't a union member - everything goes up in price when they make their over the top demands.

Union nearly destroyed Britain years ago.

No, I have no problem with unions and workers rights.....when they are reasonable.

There has to be compromise and a happy medium somewhere.

Attacking corporations (who create the jobs) and strong union influence - good bye industry, business and investment.

By the way NDP supporters Layton lies to you - he uses Gary Doer as an example...well Doer gives corporate tax breaks folks.

How about those other socialist countries - Sweden, Denmark, etc. - they've been very successful - giving corporate tax breaks and carbon tax.

Do you homework instead of believing any of the politicians - it's quite an eye-opener.

liberazzi said...

Not only did Layton get killed by his claw back on corporate tax cuts, but the CBC reporter totally killed him when she asked if he could name anyone on his team with any govt experience. This was, um, um, I cant think of any off-hand. I think the Libs need to play up the Dips experience angle. Remember what happened to Rae. The Dips got in by fluke and he didnt have a strong team behind him.

Anonymous said...

the dips don't have any government experience?
doesn't matter - they're no more likely to need experience than the libs.
and they do have experience at actually voting.

Anonymous said...

There are actually quite a few people in the NDP caucus with government experience - Mulcair was in cabinet in Quebec, Judy W-L was a Manitoba cabinet minister, Christopherson and Churley were part of the NDP government in Ontario and there are also many people with experience in municipal government.

Steve V said...

Again, not so much on substance, but the timing of that attack was just dreadful.

dalestreet said...

I thought the tactic to stimulate the economy is to lower interest rates, not raise them. If the banks are raising rates, won't that just contribute to the panic and hasten us toward a recession?