Monday, October 06, 2008


The Conservatives already have a bad habit of introducing a measure, then months later re-introducing it as something new, but today's pathetic announcement is another manipulation. Harper is so desperate to look the concerned family guy, he actually touts something which, by my personal calculations, will benefit me 0.18 of a percent on my childcare costs. Actually, it wouldn't benefit me at all, because it's indexed to inflation, it's just the same impact, but why split hairs:
As the wobbly economy continues to dominate the campaign, Conservative leader Stephen Harper continued to make "modest" announcements of tax breaks for families.

Today, it was promising to adjust the popular monthly $100 childcare allowance to rise with inflation.

My childcare costs are approximately 12 grand a year, and I know I'm not alone. Today, Harper offered me an extra 30 bucks PER YEAR, about 22 bucks after taxes, because it's taxable for most of us. Hence, the 0.18% percent injection, which is actually insulting when you think about. I'd rather Harper announce nothing, than sit there with a bunch of kids and offer me the smallest of kernels and pump it like it's substantive.

Thank-you for the extra 0.18% sweater man, which is negated by inflation. You really do care. If I don't blog anymore today, it's because my wife and I are busy, figuring out how to divvy up the windfall.


ottlib said...

Congratulations Steve!!

It sounds like you and your wife should have a busy night.

Have fun.

JimmE said...

Mr V:
Have you seen this?
(Meta filter sez it's had over one million hits in 12 days!)

Perhaps with all your traffic, you can help kick it up over 2 million ;)

Olaf said...


You should be able to get a flat of beer for that much. Maybe even some popcorn, as well. Don't bite the hand... :)

ann d said...

Be sure to put up a notice at daycare so other people can share in the joy.

Steve V said...


I've heard a few honking horns outside tonight, so the word is spreading.

Mark Francis said...

Don't forget that Harper clawed back $22 from the child tax credit first (or supplement -- I forget which), so that $100 is really only an additional $78.

liberazzi said...

Harper's totally flip flopping on the economy. Apparently, he says that we might possibly go into deficit, due to changing economic fortunes. What happened to the fundamental are strong? Its true, govts do defeat themselves.

Steve V said...


Buzz killer.

Dame said...

Why he is making his election stump romp in some daycare or similar totally Safe Place where no one is able to ask him any direct questions..
have You seen there anyone other then kids??? he is ridiculous with the way he sneaks into these little spaces of Course media cameras are provided .. so we see Him on TV ...

Steve is our special Bubble Man!!
however he wants to be our Prime Minister .... lolololo

Wayward son said...

"My childcare costs are approximately 12 grand a year, and I know I'm not alone."

Holy crap! Tommorow I think I am going to start phoning around to schedule a vasectomy surgery.

Steve V said...


Ah, hindsight ;)

That's one full time, one part time.


The one good thing, Harper with the kiddies playing dad, while Rome burns, reminded me of Bush during 9/11 ;)