Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Leadership News

Below, two prominent Liberals react to the news that Frank McKenna has decided against a run for the party leadership:

I must confess, it makes me happy too :)


Anonymous said...

Ditto for me. :)

liberazzi said...

Ditto. Its Iggy's to lose, but intrigued by Kennedy, Mcguinty and Leblanc. Like Rae, but I dont think he can overcome the Ontario thing. My other hope now is that Manley stays away. Lots of good candidates to choose from, so that's a good thing.

jarrid said...

It looks like it’ll be an Iggy vs. Rae re-match.

Rae being the favorite.

Iggy still has to overcome the fierce opposition to his Quebec-has-special-status position which will likely anathematize him to also-ran status.

Where are all the big star candidates? There are none. Certainly not any of the also-rans from last time. I doubt any will throw their hats back in the ring. Where are all the big name women? One third of the candidates from last election were women. Is there not one who has the royal jelly? And I’m sorry Martha Hall Finlay doesn’t have it. I actually think Sheila Copps would make a fine leader. She’s got more cojones than the last two leaders, that’s for sure.

liberazzi said...

I hope Leblanc spends a little money sprucing up his website, because it's horrible.


Lizt. said...

Kennedy is remembered as the guy that put Dion in,and some people won't forget..too bad, though. I like Dominic Leblanc. I do not like Manley as much, as he is to the right.

The Beav said...

I think it's Iggy '09 now.

Rae will appear, but I think alot of people see PET in Iggy. I also think he's the leader the Cons fear the most.

Dame said...

me too... just can't explain it...
one word comes up :flatlines /my reaction/

I think Iggy is more plausible considering his Quebec appeal ...

I simply hate Manley since the Afghanistan ploy..


Anonymous said...

Dominic is running for next time. he is too young and inexperienced.

McGuinty is way too left. All environment all the time and has strange foreign policy views.

Rae or Iggy are the best bets for the PArty. Both are mature potential leaders.

Do we go right with Iggy or centre with Rae?

JimmE said...

We need a leader to fight the next election; not the last two.
Bob - too many of my friends lost jobs because of his win.
Iggy - too hot (in a Nixon vs Kennedy way)
Gerry - Parlez vous Francais?
Manley - Who is that EFFing Drunk?
Cauchon - WTF? (see above)
McGuinty - meh
Martha - Big Fan, but not so sure if her time is right.
Whitie- Did not like his comments during the election.
Where is the Bi-Lingual prarie self made boy/gal who's parents are immigants?
(I'd roll -up my sleeves for Gerry in a second if I thought his French could cut it.)

Anonymous said...

Young people can rally around a youthful candidate like Leblanc. They need to be brought into the process.

jarrid said...

Sheila Copps or Elizabeth May. These are leaders that can rally the troops. Elizabeth May would bolt to the Liberals in a minute if there was a draft Elizabeth movement and a preliminary blessing from the Toronto Liberal braintrust.

jarrid said...

Oh and I've heard Ruby Dhalla's name mentioned. One word comes to mind: lightweight. She won her seat by less than a 2% margin. She's been unremarkable as a backbencher and member of the opposition. She backed Paul Martin -'nough said

RuralSandi said...

Rally around the youth? Won't be enough....they need someone who can appeal to ALL age groups and the older people are the more they are inclined to actually go out and vote.

ALL people should count.

Mark Dowling said...

Harper is chortling today. Another expensive Lib leadership contest of seven or so dwarves and a couple of Ugly Sisters.

Kennedy? He can't win with Rick Mercer on a mission to see he doesn't.

LeBlanc? This year's Kennedy or maybe more Dryden since Kennedy has actually been in a government, albeit for five minutes.

Bob Rae is too old to bring the Lib party to government to power if Frank McKenna is. That leaves Ignatieff. Hold your nose and make it happen or get comfortable because it's going to be a long wait on the opposition benches.

Anonymous said...

Rae & Iggy are the same age (too old). LeBlanc is where its at. Young & Bilingual, and he knows his way around.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be Ignatieff. There is no way the Liberals will touch Rae with a ten foot poll in the midst of a recession with looming deficits. Can you imagine all the news reels and retrospectives from the early 90s???

burlivespipe said...

Well, the field hasn't really established yet, but if its the horses we know, I'm leaning towards Iggy or Leblanc. There's something earnest and resourceful about Leblanc, while Iggy does have the ideas. Can he sell them, especially after the Harper machine concocts its bleak meme?
The new leadership needs to help the party reconnect with women, new and second-generation Canadians, and the west.

Steve V said...

" Can he sell them, especially after the Harper machine concocts its bleak meme?"

One would suppose the Liberals have learned some valuable lessons from the Dion experience.

gina said...

Iggy or Leblanc. Iggy has high negatives - that's his problem. Leblanc injects new energy and ideas into the race.