Monday, October 06, 2008

"Stay The Course"

Just trying to help out the war room, putting the finishing touches on their platform (cough). A potential cover shot?:

A steady hand at the helm, keeping us on the proper path, maybe the iceberg will move...


The Cloudwalking Owl said...

An interesting point about the Titanic is that part of the problem was that the owners chose a captain because of his long experience. The problem is that every bit of his experience told him that the ship would have a tighter turning radius and slower speed, which would have made it easier to miss the iceberg. If they had hired a less experienced captain, he would have paid more experience to the peculiar behaviour of the new ship.

This is why it is so sad that the Conservatives have been so good at smearing Dion. He is not an "experienced hand", but instead someone who understands that the old truths of economics are changing very fast and that Canada needs to start working according to the new rules if it wants to avoid hitting an econmic iceberg.

Steve V said...


Good analogy :)

saskboy said...

Great cover option. Another option would be another famous leader who wanted to fight a war on two fronts (go historical, or contemporary, your pick). Except in Canada, with 4 strong opposition parties, it's more like fighting a battle on 4 fronts, for the Harper Conservatives.

Debra said...

How about adding a little audio...Nearer My God To Thee.

Jeff said...

According to Harper, Dion's plan to deal with the economic crisis was a sign of panic. He must be seeing the same panic today in leaders across Europe. I'm dying to see whether he'll show signs of panic himself in tomorrow's announcements.

Steve V said...

Good thing Harper has remained calm, it's really kept the markets stable.

WC Macdonell said...

Personally, I'm loving it... I've been buying up dividend bearing stocks like a druncken sailor all morning.

Although it would suck if your a mutual fund investor.

What goes up, comes down, and unless you vote for a dork like Layton... goes back up again.

Steve V said...

Spoken like a true parasite.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Great Post - Love that Image. Someone should take copies and slap it on just for spite ;).

Off-topic but thought you might find it interesting.

The former author of "What's the Matter with Kansas" has a new book called "The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Govern"

In the interview linked here, he discusses how the media go out of their way to balance the actions of Republicans with the acts of Democrats while campaigning, when in reality they campaign completely different.

I just found it interesting since this is the first campaign I've seen in the US when the media has finally had to acknowledge that McCain is basically hurling crap while in contrast much of the Democratic campaign has been factually accurate.

Here is the link -

I am wondering just what part of Harper will finally emerge in these coming days, but I suspect it won't be pretty.

Will the media call his acts desperate or will they fold them into the "aggressive leader" mythology they've spun?

Given the track record thus far, I expect it will be the latter.

But it will be interesting to see how the public perceives it.