Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Ads

I particularly like this new ad, because it uses third party validation to show Harper is out of touch on the economy, and then ends on a positive note:

It's not the Liberals saying Harper is lost on the economy, which I think adds to the effect. Contrast that approach, with the Conservatives new attack ad today, and this tactic looks more credible.

The Liberals also have a feel good ad, which is pretty good:


Anonymous said...

These are my favorite English ads of the campaign. I like the feel-good one as well.

It is also the closest to the "real people talking to the camera ads they ran in Quebec, which looked very effective (and with my barely passable French sounded good too). Visually it was just great, as is the "feel good" one here as well.

Olaf said...

Yea, those are pretty good. And wait, wait did I see Dion in that first ad??? Was it really him - he sped by pretty quick... nah, probably wasn't him in a campaign commercial.

Anyways, the first part of the first ad was completely reasonable and fair and damaging. I don't care for the last part, where it implied that its Harper's plan to deliberately tank the economy, because that's what him and George Bush (whatever he has to do with ANYTHING) want to happen for some reason. That doesn't make much sense, and is a bit over the top. I would have just stuck with the newspapers panning him and maybe a clip of him saying "ladidadida... nothing to see here" (maybe not a direct quote)

Steve V said...


Seems to be making an appearance in these ads.

JimmE said...

Eye on the ball folks, eye on the ball! Can you help? It's real easy. Do you know anybody who will work EDAY & is not now working & wants to see a Liberal win in his/ her region? Tell them to call their local campaign & let the campaign know they will work EDAY. Every person who can help answering phones, driving, pulling the vote, is welcome. E-Day is how elections are won or lost. Don't just Blog, don't just watch the returns, help get supporters to the polls.

Steve V said...


I'm driving people to the polls on E-day, then blogging ;)