Friday, October 10, 2008

Can We Get A Refund?

I finally thought the Conservatives had found one expert to agree with one of their assertions. Can't seem to find an economist, environmentalist, doctor, lawyer, but maybe a PAID expert, if we line his pockets, a better chance for a favorable review. Remember James Moore, remember all this nonsense about the "doctored" tape at the heart of the Conservatives suit against the Liberals, well what does it say when your own EXPERT refutes your basic premise:
A tape recording at the centre of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's $3.5-million defamation suit against the Liberal party was not altered as the prime minister has claimed, a court-ordered analysis of the tape by Harper's own audio expert has found.

The key portion of the recorded interview of Harper by a B.C. journalist contains no splices, edits or alterations, says the finding by a U.S. forensic audio expert.

The analysis was filed in Ontario Superior Court on Friday by lawyers for the Liberal party, despite attempts by Harper's lawyer to keep the opinion out of the court file until at least next week.

But that segment had not been altered, Koenig found.

He reported that it "contains neither physical nor electronic splices, edits or alterations, except for the over-recording start that erased and replaced the end of the first part of the designated interview."

That's Harper's guy, the same one LAUDED by James Moore in his silly press conference. No wonder the Conservatives fought to delay this case, even though it was supposedly Dion's biggest mistake.

I wonder if the Liberals would be bold enough to use the unedited, completely accurate, entirely suspicious, tape now?


Constant Vigilance said...

They would be crazy not to. This sums up so many things that are odious about Harper. Use it as a way to point out that experts in every field reject his positions and that he is not fit to lead us into the maelstrom ahead.

It would be a good way to neutralize the tape b.s. too.

Steve V said...

Zytaruk is taking to the airwaves as we speak...

Constant Vigilance said...

P. S.: By tape b.s. I mean the real McCoy, the CTV one not the Cadman one.

And English is my first language.

Steve V said...

It was hilarious to listen to Kory Teneycke just argue that this proves the tape was altered, as they've said since the beginning. When he finished spewing, the lump in his throat looked like a bowling ball as he swallowed hard.

ottlib said...

Hopefully the Liberals have a commercial with Mr. Harper's words in his own voice in the hopper that they can release this weekend.

They might have been reluctant to use it but now they probably could.

I doubt they do however.

Anonymous said...

Could a registered third-party advertizer release an ad? Like say, Danny Williams?

Also, can Canadians get a refund for the taxpayer money Harper the Wronged spent trying to hide and finnagle his knowledge of an illegal act?

Danny Williams, if you hear us, release your ads! We'll deal with your court case later... like way later. Hey, if Harper can you can too!

Sincerely, JSPS