Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polls Closed 36 Hours Ago

Below, some senior Liberals gather to discuss where the party goes from here:


me dere robert said...

So about these "anonymous", "senior", "backroom" Liberals that are doing all the plotting and leaking to the media. Do people in the party have a good idea who they are? Who exactly is back there making all these decisions? The "other" senior Liberals must have an idea what's going on here.

penlan said...

LOL...I just did a post at my blog titled "Vultures". Never thought to add a pic. Love it! And thanks - as I agree with you whole-heartedly.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Well, when there's a walking corpse stalking the halls of parliament, the carrion eaters are sure to be close by.

Dion is as good as gone. He's decent man with good ideas. He's about the world's worst salesman, though.

Too bad it's backroom operatives and not grassroots Liberals who are orchestrating the execution.

I hear-tell there's some long knives out for Lizzie May, too. I'm not counting her out just yet.


Mike said...

Mmmm, Dion meat.....

JimmE said...

I just finished telling someone that one of the things that makes me sad about this loss is this: with Dion's policies, I felt as if the Liberal Party I joined - a lifetime ago, was finally back addressing the issues I care about. This is after holding my nose for the past 15 years.
Sure nobody likes to loose & the national campaign did little for us locally, but it's a sure bet that most of these so-called senior Liberals did not knock on one door, or make one phone call, or pull the vote election night for their local candidate.
We had a record number of identified supporters & in the polls I looked after we got 70%-80% of our supporters to the polls... & still lost, in part because these dicks were sniping from their armchairs.
I've not been involved in leadership since '91 & Sheila Copps, but I'm pissed off enough at the self professed Leading Liberals that if leadership is called I'm jumping in with both feet.

Anonymous said...

Dion meat, indeed. Unfortunately it is as bland and spiceless as the rest of the party.
A strong shift to the right, and maybe, just maybe we start finding our flavouring again...Iggy for leader, NOW!!

liberazzi said...

We've got a lot of "bleeding hearts" around today, well to them I say "go on and bleed". The Liberal party is not about finishing second. You want to sit around a feel sorry for Dion, well enjoy being on the outside, while Harper does his dirty work.

So lets get to the business at hand. Lets get over this "culture of defeat".

Now, I am not too keen to see McKenna in the race or even Manley. I think that would mean that the Libs would turn into Conservative Lite. However, they would have the best chance to return the party to power, I just hope they will be progressive enough. I am torn between Iggy and Rae because I think they both are progessive enough and would carry on Dion's ideals. Kennedy and Leblanc are darkhorses, but I could support them as well.

Enough of the boo hoo about Dion, we got crushed, time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Dion cannot beat Harper. Not now, probably not ever. Mr Trudeau held power for a very long time and one of reasons he did was that he was perceived to be a superior leader to those the conservative party of the day would muster against him. With Stephane Dion as Liberal leader, Stephen Harper could likely remain prime minister for as long as he likes and nobody wants that.

burlivespipe said...

Anonymous, Harper was deemed weaker than both Chretien and Martin until he sat in the PM's chair. However, he plays a very cutting strategy -- weaken your opponent, not necessarily strengthen your cause. It's evident in that after insulting Dion for 'panicking' that within a few hours of reelection, harper steals the Dion economic idea and people are expected to swallow it as a 'bold stroke'. Of course in Canada, with our conglomerate media, they'll help him spin it.
Had to laugh at ol Jimbobby. Yeah, you get into the debates, have all kinds of free publicity and in a race where no leader is considered heads-and-tails above others, and you still can't capture ONE seat? You have one of the major parties adapt your major campaign platforms and they sink like a stone. Your leader fudges in so many ways on trying not to be Ralph Nader08.10 but she ends up sending so many mixed messages that a brilliant environmentalist/former green like Penn is lost in the shuffle. Talk about buffoons to the cause. Let's put it this way: your party's corpse isn't winning any 'smells like a rose' contest right now.

JimmE said...

I stand by my crit of so-called big time Liberals who crapped all over Dion before & during the campaign. For many years when I was whistling the REM Tune Losing My Religion to myself, because the Liberal Party WAS tory lite, I kept my gob shut, donated less money & time, but was still involved. I think a list should be compiled of all the whiners who carped from the sidelines & they should be excluded from any future race as persona non grata.

Beijing York said...

These partisan insular views are really wearing thin with me.

An effective opposition means gathering strength on the local level while attacking Harper relentlessly in the HoC. Get the upper hand on this game and work with the other parties to stop Harper from bleeding this country dry.

I would rather see a courageous stance against the first faux confidence motion Harper sets up than another leadership race distraction. And seriously, if the LPC is willing to throw much needed $$$$$ towards replacing Dion, then they should be more than willing to throw $$$$$ at an election should Harper dare to pass some odious bill or two.

Except for political junkies and media pundits, it's these mysterious Liberal "insiders" who are despairing over Dion. People I know who support the Liberals, like Dion and think Harper has treated him badly.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with jimmie. Mr. Dion IS the right leader for this country & the backroom Liberals are the ones that should be resigning.They are the problem.

As for Mr. Dions leadership, the only reason that he lost was because of the lack of support in his own party & the bad reports they leaked to the American owned Media.