Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bumper Stickers

Some of the Blogging Tories are having fun with the DNC request for bumper sticker slogans. It made me think of some ideas for our own Conservative Party, that might be effective in the next election. Feel free to add your own:
"Science Is A Fad"

"Say One Thing, Do Another"

"Pandering To Quebec Since 2006"

"Taking the Fiscal Out Of Conservative"

"Winter Is Over Rated"

"How Do You Like The Liberals Now?"

"White Men Do It Better"


C4SR said...

The Reform Party never existed

northwestern_lad said...

The Conservative Party of Canada - Bringing the tropics to the Arctic

Anonymous said...

So Transparent We're Now Invisible!

Anonymous said...

Reformed Into Deformed

Anonymous said...

CPC: The New Republican Conservative Party of Canada.

Liberals: "Let's Bring Canada back"

NDP: We need to get rid of the "new" - suggest a name.

Anonymous said...

Here are my two:

CPC: "This Far and No Further"

An extreme right wing rallying cry used by anyone from Ian Smith in Rhodesia, Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands, and even the October 17 brigades in Greece. Racialist to the core, calls for the reasonable accomodation of minorities, and popular amongst the neo-Thatcherite ideologues in their demonization of the left. Pit bull politics of the best, personified by Jason Kenney and John Baird.

Liberal: "Ensemble Tout devient possible"

A combinstion of Nicolas Sarkozy's winning campaign slogan and Michael Ignatieff's concession rallying cry. If stealing from your political opponents to achieve gain is acceptable, then I am game.

JimmE said...


Anonymous said...

CPC: Harper the Divider.

Libs: United We Stand

Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

"Putting back the *con* in conservatism!"

Steve V said...

"Taking the Progressive Out Of Conservative"