Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Goodness Me

Delusional Blogging Tory of the day, has to go to this fine fellow:
This is gonna drive the left nuts: Dubya's poll numbers are actually rising:

...29% in early July (based on our USA Today/Gallup poll readings). Now – in the data just about to be released from our weekend poll – Bush's approval rating has recovered slightly to 34%.

However, standing back & watching the left lose their minds over this is reason enuf to enjoy these new numbers.

I'm sure there are riots in "left" circles, now that only a full 2/3 of all Americans can't stand their President. Clearly, minds are being lost as we speak, as Bush barely registers ahead of that all-time favorite Richard Nixon. Obviously, it's a bloodbath on the left, as people search for answers, while Bush surges to the level of objective dismal and embarrassing. The right can sleep tight, while the those on the "left" are under a collective suicide watch. Can they change the law and allow a third-term, cause I smell a LANDSLIDE?


Anonymous said...

Wow, imagine if 10% more Americans started to support Bush? He'd still be 6% shy of half wanting him there.

10% ~= 30,000,000 Americans (less if you only count adults)

Yeah. That'll happen over night.

Steve V said...

Expect the Draft Cheney movement to gain momentum on the Republician side.

Anonymous said...

This bump is probably due to most educated or middle class to upper middle class voters being on holiday at this time of year. The demographic shift for availability to poll at this time of year is huge. His numbers will go down again in fall.

Anonymous said...

Bush did a photo-op in Minnesota and that probably bumped it up (just like Katrina) and then they'll find out he won't do much to help and the polls will go down. Besides, his polls have been up and down slightly for months - doesn't mean much.

Bill Clinton during his worst times polled at 56% (not sure if I have this accurate but something like this anyway).

Anonymous said...

Apparently most of this support came from old white southern men - hmmm...

I hardly think this increase is in volcanic proportions that the left would be upset in any way.

Hey, Bill Clinton in his worst days had something like 56% rating.