Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Apparently, both Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion were at the same event today, celebrating the Acadian national holiday. The article mentions that the two leaders never spoke:
Although they never spoke to each other, both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and federal Liberal Leader Stephane Dion joined the throngs of brightly costumed people as they paraded down the main street of Caraquet to mark Acadian Day.

Big parade, lots of people, easy to see how they wouldn't cross paths. However, the link also provides a photo:

Wow, talk about a childish display. "Oh, was that you, right there, can't believe we didn't see each other". Heaven forbid, we can put partisanship aside for a second, and maybe shake hands or share a brief laugh at a apolitical celebration. Has the situation deteriorated so much, that two grown men, leaders of the country, must pretend to ignore each other. Seems pretty petty from here. No comment on who was the likely "snubber", although I will lay odds.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Fully concur. Just because one has different political views doesn't mean they must be hostile to each other at all time. I have friends of all political persuasions and even within my family I have Conservatives, Liberals, Dippers, and Greens.

Steve V said...

I'm just going to throw this out there, but I can't see something like this happening with any other former Prime Minister. And, not to over analyze here, but Dion is flushed, with Harper passing by.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I agree that this is something that Harper would only do, but I think he hates the Liberals more than any former PM. In addition I suspect all his family and friends are Conservatives so he doesn't realize not all of us Liberals are not all bad people.

wilson said...

Why are you blaming Harper. Dion is a big boy, he could have made the first move, been the one to show he was not petty....but no, he'd rather (whine about being upstaged) paint Harper as a bully at every opportunity.

from the article:
'Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc said Harper and his staff used bully tactics to try and steal the spotlight from Dion at the festival'

Steve V said...

"Why are you blaming Harper."

Because it so typical, your apologist opinion aside.

Anonymous said...

And you have to ask why our respective sides hate each other you neo-marxist?

Jeff said...

Hey now, look on the bright side. At least Harper didn't have the RCMP kick him out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I blame Harper and I'm sure Dion didn't want to be embarrassed with another blatant snub.

The old PM's are friendly. This is new here in Canada.

Reminds me of the US - Reagan's son and others talked about when the Republicans and Dems would fight like hell in senate and congress and then go for a drink together after work. This has not happened since Bush became president - see a pattern here?

Harper is a childish, petty man and as far as I'm concerned isn't mature or manly enough to be PM. He's pathetic and sick and really needs help. Just read Kady O'Mally's blog today and you'll get some of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the photo is priceless. Dion's expression, while with a bit of his standard goofiness (have to say it), is hilarious. Like, "Come on, I know you can see me? Just nod, come on, you can do it."

Maybe there should have been a cheesecake table behind him (had to say that to).

All kidding aside, it would have not killed them to say hello, though I do think Harper should have made the first move so I don't buy this "Dion should have marched right over" argument. Do any of you remember how "petty" Gingrich was made to be when he tried to "barge in" (that is, approach) Bill Clinton while travelling together on Air Force One. I liked Bill Clinton's presidency, but his staff had a field day turning that event into a slam against Gingrich as some yippy dog trying to get the President's attention when he was busy leading the nation. I could see Harper and company pulling that trick out of the bag.

But, honestly, even in the US papers, I've seen photos of Bush and Pelosi (gasp) at least communicating to each other in a not-unfriendly manner since last January, some times moments before they go to media events behind different lecterns to scold the other on their very severe differences of opinion.

Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

Well, maybe it's the PM.

But then, there's this.

So I think you guys might be jumping to conclusions a bit too quickly.

Anonymous said...

How would you feel if you are Stephane Dion and the PM crashed your house party, stole a bag of pretzels, and his handlers ate all the food for 90 minutes before speeding off without saying thanks.

This is Stephen Harper crashing a Liberal friendly gathering. Dion's gesture is, "If you trash this house, I'll get Dominic Leblanc to sit on you."

Steve V said...


I don't think that says anything, given the circumstances of that event.


I think you read the situation well. Speculation of course, but Dion looks forsaken, a touch surprised and embarrased, while Harper acts as though he isn't even there. Dion trying to make eye contact, Harper content to stay in grade 2, filled with his intense hatred for all things Liberal.

Dame said...

The Thing what bothers me the most Harper's nose is Growing !!! /Like Pinocchio's Nose... ???
The Guy bis a Cheap Trick himself...The Thumbs Up guy..