Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks For Sharing

Ignatieff probably meant well, drawing the comparison between the puffin and the Liberal Party, but his illustrations are wanting:
"Ignatieff Champions Bird That Hides Its Excrement As Symbol Of Liberal Party" (great title)

"It's a noble bird because it has good family values. They stay together for 30 years," Ignatieff said Thursday outside a Liberal caucus retreat in the Newfoundland capital.

"They lay one egg (each year). They put their excrement in one place. They hide their excrement. ... They flap their wings very hard and they work like hell.

"This seems to me a symbol for what our party should be."

Ignatieff was charmed by the birds during what was supposed to be a whale-watching tour for Liberal caucus members Tuesday.

Liberals are paper trained, Liberals hide their poop in the closet. I'm not so sure that is "a symbol for what our party should be", but the imagery is striking.


That guy said...

Oh dear God,

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Ignatieff may have a reputation as an intellectual, but in most of the ways that count in politics he is a stupid, stupid man.

bigcitylib said...

I least he didn't compare Libs to the Dodo or The Auk.

Can he be convinced to cross the floor?

Anonymous said...

Keep this in mind when the "if only Ignatieff could face Harper" rumors swirl ; ).

"He means well" is not the nice thing you want to say as you're going through an election ; ).

Having said that, I had a great deal or respect for him, maybe more so because he says what he thinks.

Ciizens are still supposed to elect good men, right, not trained seals? Not sure we're electing puffins either, though . . .

Jay said...


I wonder if they know that in Newfoundland we have a little "ritual" where you down a shot of Screech (rum) and kiss the puffin's arse (its stuffed not alive)and recite a verse and then you become a honorary Newfoundlander. You use to have to kiss a cod on the lips but, well, theres no cod to be had.

Not sure if that would make for a good membership drive for the party.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to respond to this. Iggy *hearts* puffins?

God bless you oh Lord above for giving us Dion as leader.

Karen said...

Lol, cute. I'm sure he was having fun, nothing more. All politics is local and all that.

I don't have a problem with Ignatieff.

You can bet the con's will work the comment into QP at some point though, ;).

Anonymous said...

Holy Iggy!!!

And just in time for Harper's big prorogation announcement tomorrow.

Karen said...

Is that fact anon? I haven't seen anything on an announcement.

Anonymous said...

Yikes - before someone rightly smacks me. electing men AND WOMEN.

can't believe I said that, think I had the "a few good men" phrase in my head.

Anonymous said...

Well, Harper loves cats - cats hide their excrement but, cats aren't faithful to their females. Cats are aloof and demand to be in charge. Cats sleep most of the day as well (lazy sort of). Cats like to be pampered (primped). Cats love to kill birds and mice by tormenting and turturing them. Some cats will pee in your carpet and spray around the house stinking it up.

Hmmmm.....I'd rather have a puffin for a symbol.

Steve V said...

"I don't have a problem with Ignatieff."

The comments are more funny than revealing. The media is taking full advantage in the various article titles.

wilson said...

Iggy has a great sense of humour. !
perhaps Cons should use the symbol of
a mule classified as a kind of F1 hybrid.
The mule possesses the sobriety, patience, endurance and sure-footedness of the donkey, and the vigour, strength and courage of the horse. ... mules show less impatience under the pressure of heavy weights, whereas their skin, harder and less sensitive than that of horses, renders them more capable of resisting sun and rain...

C4SR said...

When I read the article, I was thinking albatross.

It was really just a variation on a similar thought I had reading the New York Times Magazine a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

So that's it? Ignatieff learned the habits of a bird and the whole world is going to fall apart?

When you study animals do you leave out the parts that bother you? Pretend they don't have certain habits?

Groan and yawn.

Steve V said...

"So that's it? Ignatieff learned the habits of a bird and the whole world is going to fall apart?"

Anon, I take all of this as a joke, which is more fun than relevant.