Friday, August 31, 2007

What A Hoot

Pretty rich stuff coming out of the Conservative website:
Dion is quickly becoming one of the most negative Opposition leaders in Canadian history.

Instead of making Parliament work, Dion has done nothing but criticize.

Dion’s negativity stands in stark contrast to Stephen Harper’s record in Opposition –putting forward positive alternatives...

While Dion continues to criticize from the sidelines, Canada’s New Government is building a stronger, safer, better Canada.

I suggest a re-read of the Hansard, because from my recollection Harper was full of piss and vinegar on a regular basis. All we heard, for months on end, attack, attack, threaten, attack, slur, attack... The Conservatives were such a constructive lot, their platform book started with broadsides directed towards the Liberals, as opposed to actual "positive alternatives", which speaks volumes. If Stephane Dion is the most negative Opposition leader in history, then he takes the title from our current PM, the master of all things counter-productive.


Gayle said...

Conservatives believe merely saying something makes it true. Intelligent people want those allegations backed up.

They are preaching to the converted - let them have their fun.

Steve V said...


Did you see the puffin picture on the website? At least they are TRYING to develop a sense of humor, despite the natural obstacles.

Karen said...

I saw the site. I don't find them funny in the least.

They refer to Dion's "angry" speech. Have you seen it? Convicted perhaps, humourous at times...not angry.

I'm with gayle...they preach to those who will give them cover and reach no one else.

Sad really, but I say... go for it. Spend your time there. The rest of Canada see's you for what you are.

Jeff said...

Maybe they'll run a negative ad on just how darned negative he is...

Silly Conservatives.

Steve V said...

lol Jeff :)

Knb I saw a portion of the speech, it was anything but angry.