Thursday, September 06, 2007

Leading The World

A common theme is emerging on the international stage and it isn't flattering for Canada. Another issue, another story of the Conservative government on the wrong side of the international community. Leading the world:
The United Nations is set to adopt a new Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People despite what critics say was aggressive opposition from Canada.

Observers close to the process say Canada supported the declaration until soon after the Conservatives took power.

They say the new government aligned itself with the U.S., Russia and Colombia in a well-financed bid to derail the declaration.

Supporters say Canada's position makes no legal sense because the declaration is non-binding and would not override Canadian law.

Apologists will argue that the Martin government had concerns and wasn't successful in penning a final draft. The facts suggest that Canada was an integral part of the process, and by all accounts an important player for reaching consensus, until the Conservatives took power. You can copy and paste that last sentence to a growing number of issues. That reality speaks to the government's unilateral obstinence and general inability to work collectively, unless of course you think lining up with other deadbeat countries represents leadership.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog, Steve.

I read it often and just caught up on the last several blog posts.

Your writing is excellent, and you're are so right on the mark on the topics of the day. I also learn a lot from reading your blog, which is not something one can normally say - even for blogs they frequent. Yours, and a few others on liblogs, are appreciated exceptions.

What is the news on the Quebec by-elections these days? Are there any actual polls on the Outremont race? I know you've expressed a lot of worry that the NDP may shock the liberals come election day.

Steve V said...

Hi joseph, thanks for the kind words :)

I'm somewhat surprised we haven't had a poll from Outremont, given the high profile.