Friday, September 07, 2007

Mulroney Does History A Favor

Brain Mulroney's tarnished reputation had been receiving a face lift in the last couple of years, with several high-profile acknowledgements of his past accomplishments. It was almost as if Canadians were starting to appreciate Mulroney's legacy, a better perspective with the benefit of time. Mulroney the "greenest" Prime Minister, Mulroney the statesman, Mulroney the free trade trail brazer, much of the commentary more positive than during his actual tenure. In other words, to some extent, Mulroney was being rehabilitated.

Within this context, Mulroney's memoirs represent the undoing of all the historical revision, and forever ensure the former PM is remembered for what our memories sometimes forget- an insecure, jealous asshole, a little man, a cad who's ambitions undermined his stature.

A politicians memoirs represent their last chance to frame their legacy, an important document that takes prominence as time fades, and future generations look back in history classes. Mulroney has now etched in stone his psychological failings, with no room for interpretation and provided the unflattering period to his story. Rather than a relevant commentary on others, the memoirs will speak volumes to Canadians about the nature of the man.

Mulroney has effectively undone all the recent goodwill, and put to pen a lasting document of why he never quite lived up to the people he tried to outshine. Thank-you Mr. Mulroney for piercing through the nostalgia of history and reminding us all once again how it was you brought a great party to extinction. Rather than anger, I react with the view that Mulroney has done history a favor.


Anonymous said...

Indeed Mulroney blew it. Some say his diatribe against Trudeau is to help promote his new biography coming out next week. Maybe.

But I think there is a deeper reason. Trudeau, whatever you thought of his policies, was a confident man, comfortable in his skin. At the political level, at any rate, Mulroney is neither. Instead he is corroded with envy, jealousy and anger.

Too bad. His vicious attack on Trudeau only harmed himself.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Mulroney rocks!!!!!!!

If you follow his "Trudeau did not fight in WWII because he hated Jews-logic", his sons never volunteered to fight the Taleban in Afghanistan because they are all Al Qaeda supporters.

Clear and lucid, as always, that Mulroney. Harper is so lucky to have a mentor like him.

burlivespipe said...

Can't wait to read the chapter on 'Airbus and my fabulous holiday'...
Trudeau's misspent youth seems to be a prime issue with many journalists lately. I think we should all examine and thrash at anyone who tries to achieve something -- there is certainly a drunken stupor, an angry, profane diatribe, even some heavy petting, in the closets of every great man and woman.
Shame on them! Thank god someone like Brian Mulroney was constructively establishing his alcoholism at that age and preparing to break the founding Party of Canada! Hurrah for Brian!

Marg Bedore said...

That Mulroney was able to reduce the Conservative Party to two seats was quite remarkable

Anonymous said...

anon...I am sorry , but WW2 was not about going to save the Jews, but we went to make sure Hitler did not take over the world. If Mulroney want to dwell on that.... how come Ben is not in Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog as per usual!

I share the sentiments of the above posters and might only add that it is rich to sling mud at a much revered but dead man about something he might have done in his 20's!!

At least our beloved PET had 'thoughts' and philosophies in his 20's vs. the mindless crap I'm sure the big chin was involved in.

Great thinkers look at all possibilities and evolve ....the rest become mindless dogmatic ideologues incapable of deep thoughts and complexity and become conservatives. They like being told what to do and feel comfortable conforming like docile sheep.

Mulroney is just another common bitter old conservative man hateful of those that are respected and superior intellectually.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that neither of PET's sons commented - the contrast in style speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Where was Mulroney when the Korean war was on?

Mulroney has always twisted the facts - hence the title Lyin Brian. Besides, what's Trudeau's adventures as a young man have to do with the Meech Lake Accord?

And poor Margaret Thatcher had to talk to Mulroney about her woes (her caucus planning to get rid of her) - believing it was because she was a woman - duh - it wouldn't be because the economic polices of the right wingers - Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney were putting the countries in economic peril would it? All three in huge debts....