Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shell Game

It would almost be funny, if the issue wasn't so serious. The PMO deferring questions to the department, despite the fact we all know the department gets its marching orders from the PMO. Pass the potato:
The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, an initiative launched by U.S. President George W. Bush last year, meets in Vienna on Sunday and Canada's participation – or lack thereof – remained a closely guarded secret Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper referred questions about the nuclear group to Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier's staff.

And with only three days before the event, a spokeswoman for Bernier said no decision had been made.

"We are fully assessing possible future implications prior to making any decision on joining the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership," said Isabelle Fontaine, the minister's director of communications.

Queries to Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn, who has responsibility for nuclear issues, went unanswered Thursday.

The silence speaks volumes- are we really to believe two days before the meeting that no decisions have been made? So, our "partners" are just waiting idly by, wondering if Canada will attend? Is this a party?

I'm with Cullen:
The continuing silence means only one thing to New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen: the decision to take part has already been made.

"These guys are in this negotiation and they're terrified to bring this back to the Canadian people because they will be slapped silly," he said.

The really disturbing part, Harper claims to be a "leader", who holds strong views and isn't afraid to take a stand. Contrast that rhetoric, with government officials scurrying like frightened rats, no dialogue whatsoever and a clandestine negotiation under the cover of darkness. How courageous, or cowardly, depending on your point of view.


burlivespipe said...

Another frightening example of just how covert this group wants to work. And with the opposition playing along with that fraudulent veil-or-not-to-veil smokescreen, meant to hide the CONs undelicate twisting of the elections fundraising/spending laws, and you've got the potential for footsteps to a republican-style evil majority...

Steve V said...

"Another frightening example of just how covert this group wants to work."

What ever happened to transparency?

burlivespipe said...

transparency can only be used now regarding Harper's motives...

Scotian said...

Gee, what a shock...not. As I have said many times over the past several years Harper and his way of practicing politics is inherently dangerous and destructive to our society. When you factor in what goals these tools are used for that only adds to the dangers of having him and those of a similar mind as him anywhere near the levers of power let alone in charge of them. Again I thank all that is holy and good in this world that he got the weak minority last time out despite having the perfect storm in his favour for a majority.

We know Harper and company are big believers in the so called Anglosphere, as today's vote in the UN reminds us (why else are we voting no to a non-binding resolution that this nation spent many years helping to create prior to Harper's ascension to power) being one of only four votes to vote no (Can, USA, Aus, NZ) on the Aboriginal Declaration. We also know he is a major fan and student of the GOP's methods for electoral success (which were working for them until very recently for over a decade) and secrecy and contempt for informing the average citizen of what they are doing in their names, and this is but the latest example of such. That it is on such a serious issue as this, especially given the sensitivity of the nuclear file politically in this country is no surprise, it is exactly what I have always expected from him.

There are times when feeling like Cassandra is impossible to avoid, and between Harper and Bush the last seven years have been nothing but one long Cassandra nightmare for me.

Steve V said...


The apologists are doing there best job to turn this turd into a pearl.

900ft Jesus said...

scotian, excellent comments! Connecting the issues, factoring in the timing, looking at Harper's ideologically driven narrow vision...very frightening and not to be taken lightly.

I never thought of him as a smart man, only a very dangerous one.

steve v - transparency is there. Harper's US ass-kissing is very transparent.

Steve V said...


"Harper's US ass-kissing is very transparent."

As is the aping of Howard in Australia. Is there anything the two don't agree on?

JimBobby said...

As is the aping of Howard in Australia. Is there anything the two don't agree on?

One thing: transparency. The GNEP has been an out-front and prominent issue in Australian political discussion for months. The Howard gummint has been on the defensive but at least the Aussies got informed that their gummint was wheelin' an' dealin'. We ain't heard squat and we continue to be kept in the dark.

Other than that, Harper an' Howard are pretty much peas in a pod.


Steve V said...


Good point!