Thursday, March 15, 2007

Easy Mr. Baird

You can't fault John Baird for his ambition:
Ahead of a three-day summit of G8 countries on climate change, Environment Minister John Baird says he hopes Canada will help spearhead a number of environmental initiatives that go beyond the scope of the Kyoto Protocol.

"Canada is taking significant action in a variety of areas to tackle greenhouse gas emissions," he told CBC News before the summit, which begins Friday in Potsdam, Germany.

"We want to be part of, and provide leadership around the world for, negotiation of a new pact that will go farther than Kyoto in the years ahead."

Let's start with repairing our damaged reputation on the international stage, before we have the audacity to lecture the world. Establish some credibility, go beyond the embarrassing sideshow on display in Nairobi and elsewhere, and I would be happy. If no one shakes their head while Baird speaks, consider his visit a success.

Maybe when our emissions targets match many of the aggressive measures coming from other countries, then Mr. Baird can lead the charge to fight global warming. However, at the moment, Baird would appear like a drunk pontificating about moderation and self-control. Easy Mr. Baird, baby steps- dig yourself out of the hole before you climb the moral mountain.


knb said...

I'm worried about this too. He is obviously going to have to answer why Canada has reneged on all and any International agreements.

negotiation of a new pact that will go farther than Kyoto in the years ahead." , sounds like code to me. Do what you can in your own country and together, we'll all affect the world.

I'll wait and see, but I've yet to see what Canada is doing to tackle, let alone set targets, track and measure, ghg's.

I hope to hell we have some media, (credible media), over there covering this.

Steve V said...

As long as Baird doesn't make an ass of himself, I will consider it progress. I'm curious to see if environmental groups keep up the pressure, like they did with Ambrose.

ottlib said...

The Conservatives have chutzpah I will give them that.

The Europeans will be outwardly polite but there might be some interesting things said behind the scenes.

I guess we will just have to see how much work our MSM is prepared to do to go after some of these more interesting statements.

knb said...

I guess we will just have to see how much work our MSM is prepared to do to go after some of these more interesting statements.

Do you have faith in them ottlib? Do we know they will be there?

ottlib said...

Yes they will be there. All of the news organizations will send someone if for no other reason than the environment is a big issue right now.

No I generally do not have that much faith in them but there may still be some that will make an effort to get behind the scenes just so they can report something different from everybody else.

We will have to wait and see.

knb said...

I will hold onto my optimism ottlib.

Dana said...

The Canadian media are mortally allergic to reporting on what media from other countries say. With the obvious exception of whatever drops from the flabby, infallible, bloodstained lips of the imperial US national media. When, for example, was the last time you read a piece from a regional media source in our media...ah, don't get me started on the narrow minded, provincial, self-centred, blinkered philistines...

So any number of British or Euro media might report that Baird is a loudmouthed, angry, dimwitted fool with an inferiority complex and shit stained teeth and unless you read it from the source you'll never know it.

US media will of course make no mention if him or Canada at all which will be taken as confirmation of his brilliance by the continentalist provincials in Toronto.

Like I said don't get me started...

Steve V said...

"Like I said don't get me started"

I like we you get started.

Periodically, I seek out european news outlets to see what others are saying. Any reference to Canada I have found is hardly flattering, we are almost painted with the Bush brush on the environment.

Dana said...

If I really get started sometimes I end up calling Conservatives sycophantic Bush cocksucking, asslicking motherfuckers and worse and then Olaf starts crying and who wants that?

Over the past 6 months or so, since the reality of the snake-eyed fat man's administration has sunk in, there are no references to Canada in Euro media that do not include Bushist inferences and a referral to how that's different from times gone by.

But I won't use any of those swear words I said I use in private.